Friday, August 28, 2009

I really like a good bass line

It does things to me.


The Orange Cat said...

Makes you feel like there's a first-class ticket to heaven right in front, just one thumping note after the other, rolling back and forth.
Good taste!
I really like Entwhistle and some of the blues backup guitarists.

DotThoughts said...

i hear ya sistah. what were you listening to?

Beq said...

If you like the groove, here's some more sex:
The Beatles: Rain
The Rolling Stones: Live With Me
Vampire Weekend: Campus
Grateful Dead: Weather Report Suite
The Strokes: Is This It?
Franz Ferdinand: Do You Want To?
Paul McCartney: That Was Me/ Driving Rain
M.I.A:Mango Pickle Down River
The Temptations: Papa Was a Rollin' Stone
Marvin Gaye: I Heard it through the Grapevine
Wilson Pickett: In the Midnight Hour

Beq said...

Oh oh, forgot this one:
Cornershop: Sleep on the Left Side

Sue said...

Orange Cat -- :)

Dot -- Rock On! I don't remember which song, right now. Also, 'Cruisin' from Duets, that's got a beautiful bass line.

Beq -- Seex mama. Thanks! :)