Tuesday, July 07, 2009

With love, from me to you

Like the Mad Momma, I too have bad knees. Unlike her bone infection though, my complaint is a decade old and much less severe. Basically, I crocked them playing too much volleyball in the silliest way. I’ve learnt to live with them and am mostly careful about not over-stressing them, so they don’t really restrict my movements as much as I once feared they would.

The last one week my knee pain grew steadily. The humid weather (the monsoons are here at last, thank heavens), the floor scrubbing (I’m maidless once more), sleeplessness and mostly carelessness resulted in crippling me at last on Sunday evening. I fell into bed at the end of the day and, on Monday morning, couldn’t even walk around the house. It had gone beyond pain to the stage I dread the most, when my knees refuse to support weight and simply give way without any warning.

Vicky bundled me up in bed, stuck a hot water bag under my knees and made me so comfortable that I just went back to sleep. I didn’t get Rahul ready or drop him to school or make breakfast or do the laundry or do any of the things I would usually do. And it worked like magic. I woke up refreshed and with no pain whatsoever. I was late to work but it didn’t matter because I didn’t have too much to do.

I wanted to save this memory. Vicky’s been awfully caring of late but I don’t think he knows what a huge thing he did yesterday. Usually an onset of knee pain means the better part of a week wasted in nursing my knees back to health. To be fixed with just a couple of hours sleep is a real gift.


umarah said...

thats nice to hear.

Mama - Mia said...


awww! god bless nice hubbies!

and since i am always in awe of you, please to do this awesome tag! :)



Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Quite a man you've got there!!

And take care, girl!

Anonymous said...

You poor dear. Its amazing what a few hours of sleep will do.

starry eyed said...

Calling my hubby to read this. *Approving pats on the back for Vicky*

PS. What's with the knees? You, MM, me! We're supposed to live till the seventies at the very least! With these knees?

dipali said...

This is so good to hear. Shabash Vicky!

Sole said...

Aww..that's so sweet! Hope these good ones overshadow the not so good ones when they happen! Bit hard to think logical when they happen, but I am sure will make sense later :-)Don't you think?

Aathira said...

Good to hear...bad knees are the worst I have heard. At times I wonder whether I shall be coming down with them too. At the gym, the knees give me the most problem.

Casuarina said...

This would be one of the memories you'll probably cherish throughout life...it'll defintely compensate for other 'flaws', whassay ? :-)