Thursday, July 02, 2009


It’s my parents’ 31st wedding anniversary today. Baba’s in Delhi and Ma is munching cake in Madras. I wished Baba in the morning (he woke us up just in time to send Rahul to school) and called Ma to wish her just now. After happily chattering of other things, she ended with a ‘funny’ story: how, the other day, she’d been looking at the calendar and had been struck with one of her feelings that 8th July was somebody’s something but she just couldn’t remember exactly what.

Guess who’s not getting a call this year on 21st November. Hah.


starry eyed said...

Lol! Happy Anniv to ur parents:)

Got an award for you...come pick it up:)

The Marauder's Map said...

I wish my mom was the same. She unfailingly remembers all birthdays and anniversaries and I unfailingly forget her birthday and get hell for it.

Happy anniversary to your parents!

Sue said...

Starry-Eyed -- Thank you.

Marauder's Map -- My Ma remembers every single person's every single thing. :( I'm considering disowning her. She doesn't deserve me either!

DotThoughts said...

Feliz Aniversario a tus padres, Sue.

dipali said...

Of course she was teasing you!
Happy anniversary to your parents, Sue.

Sole said...

Happy Anniversary to your parents. 8th July is special for you and me as well :-) I forgot writing to you about it, when I wrote the rest that struck a chord. 3rd June was the date you started your blog yeeeaaarrrrs ago and that's my b'day and 8th July, your b'day = our wedding anniversary :-) So, I won't forget both these days Sue!

Poppins said...

Happy Anniversary to your parents ! Now I'm confused. Is your bday on 7th or 8th of July?

Sue said...

Dot -- Thanks!

Dipali -- No, she really did forget. Babe reminded her. Baba, who needed her to remind him not to schedule tours on my birthday!

Sole -- LOL! I don't care if you do forget, you know. I'm only hurt that my mum forgot. She and Vicky are not allowed to forget.

Poppy -- Bah. Why would my birthday be on the seventh, pray?

Mama - Mia said...


happy anniv to em, your folks!

and nice way of reminding everyone when YOUR bday is!! :p

will you make fraandship with me on facebuk? that way i will get alerts! ;)


eve's lungs said...

Happy anniversary to your parents Sue .She was teasing you , I guess, to get a rise out of you !

Sue said...

Abha -- Dude, this wasn't an alert, my alerts are more the siren variety than the subtle stuff.

Send me a request. But you don't need FB to know when my budday is. All you need to do is ask my mother.

Evie -- No, she wasn't. And she's been laughing at me a lot too, all week. I'm disowning the lot of them.

Collection Of Stars said...

Belated birthday wishes to your parents Sue and birthday wishes in advance to you :)