Monday, July 06, 2009

Filial Familiarity

I was surfing randomly when this Babycenter article caught my eye. It describes Rahul’s new behaviour very well.

Since last week he’s taken to using ‘tui’ in his interactions with us. Vicky says it’s all my fault (somebody around here has conveniently forgotten our pre-nup agreement, but here’s a reminder: nothing is ever my fault).

So we’re getting bombarded with “Chal, dekhe ashi” (Come, let’s go check it out) and so on. Now, this left me perplexed because I make no bones about being extremely old fashioned about these things. I do not care for familiarity because he’s my son, not my buddy. On the other hand, it sounded so damn cute! So I corrected him and all the while, I wondered if I would mind dreadfully if this phase were to last just a little longer.

Then, on Friday night, he told my aunt (Giga to him and you), “Shor, ami boshbo” (Shift over, I want to sit) and I knew things were going Too Far. The problem with this chap is, he is so cute with the stuff he does, it’s very easy to let him get away with murder!


starry eyed said...

yeah, that cuteness is a challenge. when you want to bark at them but can't because the suppressed howl of laughter will escape:)

Anyway I keep barking at mine to "talk nicely" to doesn't work!

dipali said...


Subhashree said...

You are so irresponsible to raise him like this. Total cuteness ;p

Sole said...

So know my little one throws a 'da' (you know lil tamil? da is usually used only at younger people) at us and his grandparents sometimes, as casual as we say en da pannara (why do you do it?) he would say 'en da amma ippidi panna'? Its so cute..I haven't even started correcting him. Just enjoying the stage :-)

Sue said...

Starry-Eyed -- I simply cannot understand how a sweet, tractable girl like me ended up with a Bhablet, I tell you. I'm ever so easy to live with. ;)

Dipali -- :D

Subha -- I know!

Sole -- LOL! That's damn cute. I love the da. I don't know if you follow any Gult, but when I was learning it, I once startled an Aunty by saying, when she asked if my father had left for his tour, "Aunu, vaadu vellupoyadu."

I still treasure the look on her face. What I don't care to remember is how her sons laughed to hear me. Idiots!