Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Awesome Things about Me and My Job

Why I love my job:

I like the fact that so much depends on my writing. More depends on the design but there’s a world of difference between random copy and my copy and it’s nice to be the difference.

I like the laidback attitude in my office. Most of the people here have been working together long enough to know each others’ buttons and mostly, they also know all the reasons why they need to get along. I realise this is not too much to expect from a workplace, but after the politics at my last place, I appreciate the set rhythm.

I like the fun of it. The fun of balancing what you want to say with what the client needs you to say. Some days it works, some days it doesn’t, but it’s a challenge to get the tone just right.

I like the world it’s opened up. I’ve always been critical of advertising but never really as an insider. Now I’m learning to figure out precisely why an ad does or does not work for me, how it could be bettered and how I can learn from it. Best yet, I’m learning to read between the lines of copy!

Seven reasons why I think it’s awesome being me:

It’s fun being me. Or at least, there’s rarely a dull moment. If I look into my life as an outsider, I almost envy the fun I have. If you know what I mean. By and large, it’s quite as eventful as I ever wanted my life to be!

I have awesome taste in men. I really do. The steadies, I mean. I pick out the winners. They may or may not earn pots of money, but my men are the ones you’ll remember for all the right reasons. One is now a corporate high-flyer, another is a journalist with his own big byline and the third? Why, the third is earning pots of money that I help him spend. Bigger than that even, I picked me a Bhablet-maker. You gotta admire that.

I have an awesome library. I have a random taste in books and hardly ever buy any these days, but my library is still a beautiful thing. It’s the kind of collection that stops bookworms in their tracks and lose interest in what I’m saying.

I have weird relatives. I never thought the day would come when I thought this would be a good thing, but my extended family has given me an enviable education in Dealing with the World. The fact that I still love them is a sign of my superior degree in this department.

I have awesome friends. I’ve been lonely a lot in my life and I appreciate the fact that I just have to pick up the phone most days and I have somebody’s shoulder to cry on, somebody to tease me out of my blues, somebody to help me find the sunshine.

I have a home, filled with all the stuff I need, a car to take us around, a husband and a child in good health. I think I have awesome luck. Dadu called me a survivor and he was right, I am. This is one quality I admire in me.

It’s awesome being Sue. Sue the blogger. I’ve picked up so much and so many friends from blogging, I have to sit back and wonder how I got so lucky. I think I’ve had a pretty awesome blog-life.

So, on that note, I wish myself a happy 27th birthday. I’m not declaring this a Delurk Divas but I would love to get a heads up from you. It would be a grand birthday gift, if you would.


Mama - Mia said...

you did it as awesomely as i thought you would!! :D

Happy Birthday Sue! may the coming year be everything you want it to be and then some more!

have a blast!



palsworld said...

Hey Sue,

Have rarely commented but am a religious reader of your blog so much so that I can almost visualise you, the Bhablet & Vicky's day-to-day existence at Kolkata :)

Here's wishing you a wonderful birthday & may you achieve all that you ever hoped to! And may your wonderful blogging continue forever.


Unmana said...

Well, happy birthday!

Am glad you did the work tag. It's interesting to know how people have got where they are, career-wise (and otherwise too).

MinCat said...

happy birthday. and congratulations. now about those good men...i can only pick the worst losers =)

First Rain said...

Happy Birthday, Sue.

Have a super day!

Monika,Ansh said...

Happy birthday Sue & awesome post here :)

Artnavy said...

happy to know Sue the blogger indeed


upsilamba said...

Happy bday, dear Sue!

Anonymous said...

27 is pathetically young. you are practically a baby blogger

Casuarina said...

Happy b'day, dear girl, hope you have lots of fun today, whichever manner you end up celebrating it...

And here's a special toast, hoping the list of "why it's awesome being me" keeps on increasing exponentially with time....

Last but not least, here's to Sue the Blogger....having spent several happy hours reading your posts, I'm glad as well as grateful that you're so much a part of my virtual life !

Cheers ! :-)

vasudha said...

Delurking to say Happy Happy Birthday..

Saya said...


After being a regular reader of this space of yours.. One more awesome thing about you is..
You always have the courage to share things about your life.. the dark days... the days when you arent so happy being Sue.

And you put it out there.. vulnerable.. yet strangely unafraid..

I ve many times derived a lot of strength from many of your posts.

Just wanted to add that to your grand list :-)

Oh yes. It is awesome being a Sue blog reader too :D

Saya said...

ah and ..
Happy Birthday.. You me and my blog share the same Zodiac ;-)

Rohini said...

Happy Birthday, Your Awesomeness :)

Pipette's Mimi said...

Happy birthday,Awesome Sue :)

Andy said...

HAppy Bday Dear Sue, Have been reading u since ages, am glad to delurk today...btw i agree with u on ur blogworld friends, i know 1 of them personally and she really thinks the world of u!!

Roshmi Sinha said...

A good read, I must say.

Sreejita said...

happy birthday awesome!

Subhashree said...

Lovely post, Sue darling. Have a great birthday :)

aargee said...

hey! happy birthday sue!! Wish you a great day and a wonderful year ahead.
you and me on the same number for a while ( till october :))

Kodi's Mom said...

wow, Sue, you're at the grand old age of 27! ;)
happy happy birthday - have a blast..

Anonymous said...

Awesome list. And happy a awesome birthday..

And you are so so young.. Argggh!!

dipali said...

Happy Birthday to Her Awesome Sueness!
It's been a privilege to know you:)

Parul said...

Happy birthday once again, my dear. It's been swell knowing you.

Mystic Margarita said...

Happy B'day, babes. You'll rock 27 just as you rocked 26! :)

Loony Libberswick of Llapland said...

Happy birthday. And I think you have a pretty wonderful life as well. Touchwood and lots more happiness.

Aneela Z said...

happy birthday to a lovely blogger who has been very generous with her 'sunniness'and the not so sunny. im the 'lurker' from melbourne (if you are keeping tabs). hope the day and the good, the bad and the ugly of friends and family treats you well.
all my prayers, aneela

Sole said...

I certainly admire the awesome Sue and I'am glad I got you to do the tag. Having gone through your blog since 2003, I think every point mentioned here is absolutely true and it would indeed be awesome to be Sue! Glad I found you :-)

Ramya said...

Awesome Sue,
Here I delurk.. Wish you a very happy Birthday! may this be bring in more awesome events in your life!

Sakthi Vinodhini said...

Hey Sue.. Happy Birthday!

As someone said earlier you can add you boldness to the list.. Loved you for being so comfortable in your skin to come out and discuss the 'not so nice things' on ur blog.. to tell us about the days u regretted ur decisions the days things went terribly wrong.. it simply made u more human and more real and It was easier relating to u..

U r awesome! and Keep going lady!

Priya said...

Happy Birthday! I think your life is so interesting that we could make a Maniratnam movie of it!

Love your blog.


Swati said...

Happy Birthday Sue :). I have been reading your blog pretty regularly but didn't comment :(. Anyway I really like your blog and the fact that you live in one of my favourite cities helps :)

SUR NOTES said...

raises hand to be counted/accounted...

happy birthday awesueme!

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Beautiful girl...

You're awesome because you're spunky, honest, funny and a loyal friend.

Happy, happy girl! Have more fun being you! You truly are awesome!

Thinking Cramps said...

Hey happy birthday, one day late. I thought of wishing you at various times yesterday but it was useless as I didn't get home to a computer before 10. So here's a belated wish for more happiness, more excitement, and more fulfilment than you ever dreamed possible. Your blog and insights are your gifts to us at regular intervals and I want to thank you and ask you to keep going!

telsto said...

Pray happiness engulf you throughout the year. and go on writing please. I do love to read you.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday darling!! This is an awesome post.

Have a great year ahead.

Much love and many hugs,

The Marauder's Map said...

Happy to you! says Ananya and her mommy. Lets cut the cake with a 'gandle' on top (she's a wannabe Mallu). Have an awesome day.

Tina said...

Happy Birthday Sue..Wonderful to read about you :)

Poppins said...

Ok I'm glad I didn't read this post before I did mine because then I'd never have done it.

It's a pretty awesome post and you're a pretty awesome lady. Glad to know you.

Happy Birthday and may your life take you to expected and unexpected (but welcome) places!

Suma said...

this make my 'awesome' post seem so trivial :)

lovely post and wishing you a great birthday and awesome years ahead

Sue said...

Abha -- Thanks. *hugs back*

Pal -- Hey, nice to have you bob up again. *waves*

Unmana -- Dude, where did you disappear? When are you planning to start your own blog, eh?

MinCat -- You need to know the bad to appreciate the good. Chalk it down to experience. All the best!

First Rain -- Well, hullo, stranger!

Monika -- Thanks. :)

Art -- The appreciation is entirely mutual, my Art.

Upsi -- Heya! Thanks.

MiM -- :P I'm all Growed Up now, I'll have you know.

Casuarina -- Thanks! :)

Sue said...

Vasudha -- Thanks, esp for delurking!

Saya -- That was a really sweet comment from you. Yes, I remember we all share the same zodiac. :) And yes, you're awesome too. Want to do the tag?

Rohini -- I had one, thanks!

Pipette's Mimi -- Thanks! :)

Andy -- Really? Who?

Roshmi -- Why, thank you!

Sreejita -- ;) Thanks.

Subha -- I did, thanks for the SMSes.

Aargee -- Girl, where've you been??? Yes, you and me on the same number for a while now. ;)

Anathaa -- Yes, I'm old at last. ;)

Sue said...

Sraikh -- :) What can I do, I was born young.

Dipali -- No talk of privileges. I'm glad you guys came to Cal. *hugs*

Parul -- Thanks. :) The feeling is entirely mutual. I know I said it before but I'll say it again, good job on the book, I say!

Mystic -- I intend to. ;) Thanks so much for calling. I would've talked longer but these mens were grumbling. :)

Loony -- And happiness to you too, kid. Lots.

Aneela -- Yeah, I saw you on the list of Followers. :) Thanks for dropping me a line. The day was very nice, as were the relatives.

Sole -- You can bet it's fantastic being Sue. In all senses of the word!

Ramya -- LOL! Thanks for de-lurking.

Sakthi -- If my posts helped, I'm glad. Thanks for your encouragement.

Priya -- LOL! Could we? Who would do the dances, then? Vicky and I both have left feet!

Aathira said...

Happy Birthday Sue :)

Here is wishing you many years of happiness and joy with Vicky and Bhablet.

Sue said...

Swati -- Hi. I'm glad you popped up!

Sur -- You, yes, you in the back. Your attendance is not sufficent for the exams, ma. :P

M4 -- And that makes two of us. :) Thanks for the call.

Ana -- That's fine, a wish is a wish any old time. I believe in the concept of birthweeks rather than a mere day. I'm sure it took my folks longer than a day to get used to me, LOL!

Telsto -- Thank you. Really.

Paroma -- Thanks! :)

Marauder's Map -- LOL! What can you expect if you set her down South like that? I hope she speaks Mallu with her grandparents. ;) When are you planning to return to blogging, btw?

Tina -- Thanks, esp for de-lurking.

Poppy -- Don't be silly. Why wouldn't you do yours, pray? Amen to the wish. I like surprises. ;)

Suma -- No it does not! Your post is awesome like you are awesome and I want no arguments about this!

Sue said...

Aathira -- Thanks, hon. Amen to that.

shub said...

I'm not delurking.

Did your Mom remember?
Damn, I shoulda asked people to delurk on my birthday too!

Sue said...

Shub -- Cool idea, innit? :)

SUR NOTES said...

i protest, i am the slavish follower, with admirable attendance.
i would max any exam on a sunny day!

Sue said...

Sur -- LOL! And with yours, I reached my fiftieth comment. I don't think I've ever had so many!

Mama - Mia said...

sue - the only reason why you might not have truck loads of comments is that its so not easy to comment on these brutally honest posts you keep putting up!

it involves looking into our lives and see the darker / brighter side and THEN commenting! :) tres difficile!

oh! the french thingummie is gone!



sher khan said...

Happy Birthday :-)
read ur blog daily, but dont comment. Its part of my morning ritual. Where the previous generation had their set of newspapers we have our set of blogs :-)

Stuti said...

Happy Birthday Sue. Hope you had a happy one :)

umarah said...


Sue said...

Abha -- You really think so? Maybe you have a point. Never really thought of it that way.

Sher Khan -- Lurking is a part of your morning ritual? Oh well. Let me not spoil your simple pleasures. :)

Stuti -- Yes, I did, thanks.

Umarah -- Thanks. :)

*Unmana* -- Hey, sorry, that starting to blog comment was not for you. A typo, that one.

Anonymous said...

Sue! I read your blog as I almost always do when you post them on FB. Just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading them, I love your style of writing, it reminds of James Herriot; happy reading =) In fact I usually enjoy them so much that I make my family read them at times.... Mom n Dad enjoy hearing of the "sunayana" they remember =)
I guess my only complaint about your blogs is that they are short and over much too soon, so I guess what I'm saying is that if you ever decide to write a book I will be standing in line to get a copy, preferably an autographed copy.
I'm glad I have a special friend like you, I hope you have had a special birthday and wish 27 will be an especially nice year for you=)

Anonymous said...

emon aha mori ki lekho, but its good to have someone already looking forward to your book. Infact I would differ slightly from the person above and say, I like your writing, Because it is short. People are usually used to writing and reading piles and piles of words. Its much better this way. Terse, economical...hehe


Collection Of Stars said...

Awesome lady, belated birthday wishes. Wishing you a great year ahead :)

starry eyed said...

Happy birthday Sue, hope you had a lovely day:) Awesome blog and blogger indeed!

mummyjaan said...

(Belated)happy birthday, Sue!

Padma said...

Happy Birthday! Keep smiling .. and blogging! :)

saptarshi said...

Yes. Happy Birthday :)

Anonymous said...

Belated happy birthday!
thanks for dropping by my blog. You have got a nice blog!

DiTtY said...

Belated Happy Birthday, Sue! :)

Hope you had a fun day!

Sue said...

CoS, Starry-Eyed, Mummyjaan, Saptarshi -- Thanks! :)

Padma -- I will!

Reema -- I loved your writing. I can understand why you won. Well done. :)

Ditty -- I had a day full of chockie cakey. Just what I needed!

Just Like That said...

One more reason, Awesome Sue- you write awesome posts!
That pretty much make us feel like frauds after crawling into a closet and examining ourselves..... or make us laugh out loud irrespective of the surroundings at the cheekiness... and then there are some like those on your FIL which leave one pretty much speechless....
Happy 27th, Sue! And here's to many many more happy, awesome years.

Lavs said...

Belated birthday wishes Sue. You are indeed an awesome person.

Sue said...

JLT -- :) You make me feel like a fraud myself, now!

Lavs -- Thank you. :)

GettingThereNow said...

Sorry, but here's a belated buddy gift for you - I'm delurking! I read you regularly and I am sorry you are stopping this blog but you must have your reasons.

Happy budday once again (I did wish you on the day, right? :P)

Sue said...

Ceeeeee -- So nice of you say hello. Thank you. :)