Friday, June 12, 2009

The Taste of Things

And when I say things, I mean bug things.

I have a really bad habit, one that gets a lot of people riled. I tend to pick crumbs up and pop them in my mouth. Crumbs from the table (not the plate), the floor, my clothes, the boy. It's all tied up with my dislike of wasting food, I think. So, say I'm having a cake or a biscuit. You can be sure I eat all the crumbs I may scatter as well. It's not been unknown for me to pop some fluff mistakenly in my mouth while I was at it but that never really cured me.

Yesterday evening, I was having some homemade cake. This one wasn't properly beaten so it was rather crumby. As I propped my feet up on the sofa and read my Georgette Heyer (The Black Moth), I managed to get crumbs all over my chest, parts of it that weren't immediately visible, thanks to the book and angle of reading. True to form, I picked them up as they fell, mostly by guess, and without looking, popped them in with nary a break between words.

Until something soft didn't quite taste like chocolate cake. When I brought it out of my mouth it proved to be the remains of one of those light insects, something that must have been alive and fluttering five seconds ago before its final journey into my mouth. Dammit.

Next time, like the Bhabbles, I will refuse to put uninvestigated matter into my mouth. And even more like him, I shall make it a point to tell all insects, wherever I may meet them, "Poka, GO!" Only, being only a Babu and not a Bhabbles, I shall try not to scream it at the top of my lungs until I'm red in the face.


Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud at this.Poor insect and poor you. Was there a crunch? Was there a taste?

I hate wasting food. In Neil's preschool, we all take turns to bring snacks and lunch for each other. and I am constantly telling the other women not to waste or throw away food.

Like one mom made a tomato argula salad thing but she cut the fleshy part of the 10 tomatoes and wanted to throw them away. I said, NO bag them and I will bring them home.
I constantly shout, Think of the children in Africa.
They call me the crazy Indian lady. :)

Gauri said...

Yikesssss !!!!!!!! The poor insect !!!! :D

GettingThereNow said...


The poor bug :( I started out reading this post thinking it was about Rahul :P

Mystic Margarita said...

I don't know whom to feel sorry for - the bug or you! :)

I pick up crumbs after popol, too, and pop them in my mouth and on occasion have popped a hair or two along with it...yuck! I am going to teach the 'Go, poka' to P. The lord knows there's no dearth of them in the yard.

Itchingtowrite said...

eeeeew , eeeeks, aaaaargh, coff coff,....

but yes i also pick up crumbs from table/ sofa/ bed etc...

and hav to stop myself from picking it up from the restaurant table

Sreetama said...

I was a very slow and stupid kid. I am still a slow and stupid adult, but just more careful. So , I was standing in the balcony in my house in Salt Lake. I always put things in my mouth if I'm even slightly suspicious that it's sweet. Then I spotted something on the grill that looked like a homeopathy mediciner guli. Popped it into my mouth and then...ew ew ew..thhooo...thhooo

It was lizard potty. The black potty was right next to it, I hadn't noticed.

I kept this fact from Ma lest she takes off on me like a banshee like the last time I had swallowed a Japanese translucent eraser thinking it was candy. Sweet things, I know, will be the death of me.

Just Like That said...

eeewwwwww! Sue! you didn't!

and lol at Sreetama. :-D eeewwww too!

The Marauder's Map said...

What is it with Bhablets and pokas? I'm sure I have not knowingly or unknowingly tried to instill a fear of creepy crawlies in the wee child. Could it be instinctive?

GG said...

OMG!! eewwwww
I do that all the time...the crumbs I mean. Fortunately no insects have landed (at least not that I have detected any!)The husband gets really disgusted when after dinner during clean up I will pick up flecks of rice from the granite island and pop them in my mouth. tsk tsk...

upsilamba said...

Eww, eww, eww Sue!!

Reminds me of my sister - a milkmaid condensed milk addict in her childhood. she opened this can and every day would have a teaspoon or so of the milk.
towards the end, she saw a dead cockroach lying at the bottom of the can.

Rimi said...

Ish, Sunny, say not "Poka, GO!". Embrace insect-savouring. Did you know that Bidyashagor once ate a cockroach that was in his milk-bowl (drowned in the milk)? He did it to prevent his father from realising the milk that was served had murdered a roach.

Such greatness in eating insects, I tell you.

(Runs away)

DiTtY said...

You poor thing!!

And now that sympathies have been expressed, let me do what I have been doing whilst I read your post..



Parul said...

Sue eats bugs.

Rohini said...

This just seems like a very Sue thing to do ;)

SUR NOTES said...

can you fly now? or atleast buzz around?

dipali said...

It happens to the best of us, Sue!
I ate one of those stinky bugs in a bowl of whole moong dal while on a college trip!
Grossest of all was finding a big cockroach inside a kofta at the hostel I stayed in as a teacher.
My colleague dissuaded me from making a fuss, else we'd have a hostel full of grossed out and starving girls. Ewwwwwwww:(

Sue said...

Asaan -- LOL, I guess I could qualify as the crazy Indian lady. How can one throw away so much tomato? Anyway. There was no crunch but yes there was a taste. Otherwise I'd have swallowed it na?

Gauri -- :( You and me. Katti.

Cee -- You obsessed mashis... We have currently switched affections from random pokas (insects) to acholas (roaches) and alternate between imploring them to come out and play, and telling them to go home and bathe and sleep.

Mystic -- What do you mean you don't know whom to feel sorry for! I was the one eating bugs.

Itchy -- LOL! Yes, I have to control myself not to pop restaurant table crumbs into my mouth too.

Sreetama -- Slow and stupid, eh? If it comforts you, the boy's done that too and his grandparents think he's a genius. So. :)

Remind me to tell you about my cousin Chhotima and the chewing gum.

JLT -- *sigh* I did, I'm afraid.

Sue said...

Marauder's Map -- Is she afraid or is she fascinated? I've always tried not to instill a fear of insects and since that means suppressing my own instinctive tendency to shriek, it's not easy. The boy is fascinated. He's a little nervous if they come too close but otherwise he holds long conversations with and about them.

This morning he tells me that lots of acholas live in my Ma's house. :) Such slander!

GG -- Bad habit, na? I don't pop stuff after a meal but I do eat crumbs during one.

Upsi -- Yesterday Vicky brought some kochuri and chana dal for breakfast. A couple of bites in I find a small boiled cockroach in my dal. :(

Rimi -- But surely there is some difference between a Vidyasagar (:P) and a Sunny? I know we're both great people but we each have our own version of greatness. Mine does not extend to acts of heroism like you mentioned.

*throws a lizard after Rimi*

Ditty -- :P

Parul -- Sue does not!

Ro -- If you weren't MY preggie, I would definitely go katti on you too. Meanies, you and Parul both.

Sur -- *maintains dignified silence*

Dipali -- Ugh! Esp to the cockroach kofta. You have my sympathies.

Shahryar said...

There's nothing wrong with eating insects. In fact all people who eat prawns, crabs, crayfish, lobster, etc. are eating insects.

In some parts of the world, you can buy roasted locusts in the street as a snack! Nice - quite sweet!

Sue said...

Shahryar -- I know, I know, I've heard that argument before. But you see, in my Biology classes I was made to distinguish between Insects and seafood and the distinction stuck! What can I say, blame it on the faulty education...

Ughsome said...


Sue said...

Ughsome -- Yes, when it's an SEP only!