Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Beq sent me this link that I think all of you should read. The Indian Institue of Planning and Management (IIPM) is a fraud, they say.

Personally speaking, working as I do in an advertising agency, I do draw the line at such unethical advertising.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this. I am showing this to my cousin who is hellbent on IIPM because his girl friend is already studying there.

R had told me its a fake. I had my doubts since they have been continuing for so long now. But now I am convinced. This says a lot about the advertising industry though. Aren't there any regulations in place?

Sue said...

Paroma -- Actually, it's in the best interest of every agency to be associated with the most creditable clients. In this case, I'm sure the agency, like the students, has been taken for a ride. My point was more of a warning to clients to be careful of the brief they give.

Anonymous said...

Just read your comment. Understand your point too. And since you work at an advertising agency you would understand the ethics of advertising much better.

Have you gone through Arindam Chaudhuri's profile? Please do. Its atrocious.

Poppins said...

And not only that they get SRK also. You know, I am always suspicious about anything that is marketed too much, esp an educational institution. Word of mouth should often do if the institution is good.

hack said...

the wikipedia entry on IIPM says that it has no accredition. it is more or less a known fact, kintu, that IIPM is fraudulent. but they always give huge ads, have a lot of money. so i don't suppose one can stop making their ads/ carrying them in publications.

Munchkin said...

Yeah, read this piece last week. Reminds me of all the furor caused when bloggers Gaurav Sabnis and Rashmi Bansal wrote about this fraud institution.

Sue said...

Paroma -- LOL! No, I haven't but I can tell you I know folks who live near his place and they used to bung garbage at his swanky cars to show what they thought of him.

Pop -- Very true. The best institutions do very little marketing. Look at my own alma mater. ;)

Hack -- No, one can't stop them but there are regulations they have to follow in advertising so it remains for somebody to stand up and make them follow the guidelines. I wonder who will.

Avanti -- Oh, yeah, I'd forgotten all about that. I wonder if I can find those links once more. Let me go look.

Mama - Mia said...

they always sounded shady! but then the advertising blitz and getting on top in India Today college surveys etc gave them some credibility!


Casuarina said...

Here you are, Sue :


Thanks for the link...it was a real eye opener...I've seen ads of IIPM in all the big Kolkata dailies for a prolonged period of time...unbelievable...I wish the newspapers would stop publishing such ads !

Just Like That said...

Yet to see an ad of IIPM whcih doesn't have that man grinning that fake grin! Gah!
After reading this I feel so sorry for the kids who pass out- they can't even say that the institute is no good, for that's tantamount to saying they're no good.. Sad!