Friday, May 22, 2009

You Only Honeymoon Once. Or Twice. Or Thrice.

Our first honeymoon was a stolen one. We ran away without telling the enemy and had a few days to ourselves. Our second was one unanimously sanctioned, by society and indeed by the gods – we went to Benaras and while you grin, allow me to tell you it was rather nice despite all the fighting. And we’re nearing the end of our third one. Six days to ourselves putting each other first. Quite a novelty because unlike the first honeymoon, this time we don’t have parents calling up to ask where we are and unlike the second, we don’t have a Fidgety Fudge (in utero) with us!

So, the Sunday was a lot of fun.

Monday was a quiet day, spent trying not to fall asleep over our respective keyboards. Stayed late at work and had an early dinner at Smart Kolkata. They do have the most ghastly bathrooms.

Tuesday was another long day at work. Family friends came visiting so I went to Jodhpur Park from work and that took up most of the evening. We had a fairly blah dinner at the Dhakuria Indthalia, which was a pity given the quality of food at Hindustan Park, and drove around a bit, I think, before heading home.

Wednesday I went to visit Ahana and her grandmother. M4 and I had a pleasant chat that evening, too. Things looking up although of course, the paperwork is going to be a major headache in the months to come. Anybody know how to get a disability certificate in Kolkata, please help. Email me or leave a comment telling me how to get in touch. It’ll be much appreciated.

Came home lateish and made a sexy chicken fryup for dinner. Stir-fried chicken and diced onions tossed in Ching’s All-in-One Stir-Fry Sauce, garlic paste, a wee+ bit of green chilli sauce neutralised by a splash of vinegar. Says who I have no culinary imagination? It tasted fab with white rice.

Then we picked up Cousin J and spent all the money I’d saved by cooking on gelatos and soft drinks. Hurrah for consumerism and cousins old enough to come for midnight drives!

Thursday Vicky met me in my neck of the woods – New Market, which is next door given that I’m on Free School Street – because we’d planned to catch a movie at New Empire. But they were showing Ghajjini, which I’ve seen, so we wandered around a bit. Had some of that yummy lemon soda from the soda carts and I met Brat, who was shooting something in the area.

We went to Forum, eventually, hoping Inox had better fare. Eventually went to see Merry Christmas which sounds crappy but is actually a French film on the first Christmas of the First World War, which I’ve read about before. It was a very good movie and we both liked it even though neither of us were in the mood for upsetting stuff. For dinner we went towards the momo joints but ended up in 64, Chowringhee Lane which served us an excellent Nawabi Chicken with roti dinner. The fresh lime soda was not as good though but the service was very friendly. Home in a taxi since Vicky had come by the Metro.

And now, today is Friday and we seem to be piled under with chores and office work. Hopefully we’ll get a wee slice of time in the evening. Vicky’s off early tomorrow morning to Madras.


Rohini said...

Happy honeymoon anniversary :)

And what's with the French blog labels?

Sue said...

Ro -- LOL, it's the honeymoon itself, not the anniv. As for the French, I wanted to set it to French dates only which I saw in some other blogs but everything turned French and I saw it was good. :)

Poppins said...

God I'm jealous.

Aathira said...

Sounds like you had a lovely week :)

starry-eyed said...

May you have many more (every summer?!)

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Sounds lovely! Have a great remaining few days!

Casuarina said...

A toast to honeymoons...the more, the merrier ! :-)

D said...

I just realised, I'm so demanding! My honeymoons (the first, second or third) need to be totally filmi. I feel ashamed of myself now :(

Munchkin said...

Jelly jelly..tappi tappi(Have you seen teh Pakistani play Bakra kishton pe)

Basically -I am envious.

Subhashree said...

I'm J. Big time. Anyway, only consolation is by the time you read this comment, your honeymoon would be over :)

the mad momma said...

tagged you susie

the mad momma said...

just for the record, the french thing is driving me nuts!

Sparx said...

Wow, six days alone together - amazing!

Mama - Mia said...

ofcos I hate you! bah!




eve's lungs said...

Ive always wanted to dive into that joint 64 Chowringhee Lane .
You seem to have had a great time .
Done your tag :)

Sue said...

Poppy -- In a mera number kab ayega kind of way? But hon, you have more holidays than I ever have had. Really truly.

Aathira -- I did, mostly.

Starry-eyed -- If wishes were horses...

M4 -- Thank you! (The same to you.)

Casuarina -- Cheers!

D -- If your husband doesn't mind, what's to be ashamed of?

Sue said...

Avanti, Abha -- :) Every dog, day, you fill in the blanks. In other words, your time too will come!

Subha -- :P

MM -- Will get on to it. That day I was majorly anti advertising! :)

Sparx -- I know, I'm having problems believing it happened now that it's over.

Evie -- I dunno about the rest of their food but that nawabi mutton was really excellent.