Monday, May 18, 2009

You know you need a break from parenting

when you find yourself giving the child’s war cry in response to foreplay. As Vicky did point out.

Well, good thing we were on that break already. Rahul went off to Madras on Saturday with my mum and will be spending the week there. Vicky goes to pick him up on Saturday.

It’s funny, I really thought I’d miss him like mad, and I don’t. I mean, I do miss him very much but if I don’t brood about it, I’m OK. And he’s really having so much fun with my folks (not to mention my brother, the Mama) that I wouldn’t want to end it for him by dragging him back home if I could.

When did my baby get old enough to go off on his own separate holidays? When did my baby get secure enough to wave us goodbye and urge his Diddi on towards the aeroplanes before she changed her mind and took him back home instead? When did my baby grow up on me and why did it have to be when I was stuck at office?

On the other hand, Vicky and I are alone now for the first time in years. Alone and I’m not pregnant and ill and paranoid. We are spending our time doing whatever we feel like doing. The joke is, now that there’s no child in the house demanding it, I have all the energy in the world.

Saturday was a rushed sort of day as I scurried around packing Rahul’s things, trying to fit in one last chat with Ma. Vicky and I, both miserable at the prospect of a child-less week, fought but luckily we stopped before it got too nasty. Their flight that night was delayed so we hung around the airport for ages. They eventually left at 10.30 pm. We were on our way to dinner somewhere when we decided to drop in on Nilu-Shoma’s instead. Somehow, Anindya-Ruma ended up there as well and we made a night of it, sitting and chatting till past dawn. Then we went for a drive to Prinsep Ghat. That was rather beautiful, early in the morning, and we walked around and laughed a lot and took some pictures.

We were too late for the Chinese breakfast at Poddar Court but too early for the one at Flury’s so we compromised and went to Hotel Pan Asia Continental’s 24 hr restaurant. For the first time, the waiters were actually pretty rude. Funny, that. The breakfast buffet was not too bad, all considered, and the small fish fries were quite tasty. The behaviour of the staff did put me off though, I don’t think I’ll go there in a hurry.

We came back home, and I napped for an hour before a Niyogy clan meeting at Jodhpur Park. That was an eventful end to the morning and ended with a nice clan lunch. We were back home around 3 pm and I got down to housework. AB and Sanjuktadi came over to discuss the Contad website (Vicky’s making it) and after they left, Vicky took a nap while I re-arranged drawers. A whole lot of rearranging later, I’m reasonably content. Many more things are safely inside now.

Vicky brought some dinner (rolls and chicken cutlets) and then we decided to hop over to South City for some chocolate truffle pastry from Kookie Jar. We ended up wandering around Pantaloons’ newly arranged children’s section en route. After the dessert, on a mad, mad whim, we found ourselves queuing up for tickets at Fame. Since we’d already seen The Reader (with Shuki, Dana, Joy and Samrat) we went to see 99. I don’t know why the reviewers panned it so thoroughly because we really enjoyed it. In the genre of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, it was a very funny, well-made movie. Soha Ali Khan could have been substituted by anybody but she did look the part, at least, while Kunal Khemu, Boman Irani and Cyrus Broacha were really entertaining. Heck, they all were. I never knew Vinod Khanna could be so sleazy. The movie is not high art but it’s just what you need on a Sunday night.

And now, on Monday afternoon, I’m dropping. I’ve had less than eight hours of sleep spread over two days. When the boy’s away his parents do play!


Aathira said...

Good good. :) Sounds like a well deserved break for both of you.

Whats the plan for the rest of the week?

umarah said...

oh good.have a great time;)

starry-eyed said...

Woohoo...have a rocking time! You're right, losing sleep doesn't bother one when having (adult!) fun, rather than sick kids...

Sue said...

Aathira -- Sewing and cooking and housework. So much to catch up on. And fun in between. :)

Umarah -- Thank you!

Starry-eyed -- Weird, innit?

Saya said...

Almost like two children without parents :D

Sue said...

Saya -- Or like two parents without children. ;)

Subhashree said...

Quel Plaisir!

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Wishing you a fun-filled week on girl, play on!

Mama - Mia said...


already praying for that one wek in our life too! hehe!

and yeah! 99 is so guy richiesque! very evry cool! always liked Kunal khemu and like him even more now! :)

and spot on about soha ali khan! the film didnt need a woman! period! even simone singh was a waste actually!



Neera said...

Wow ..what fun 2 days Sue ..when will I get to spend days like these ...I am so ready to pack off both of them out and away.

Mystic Margarita said...

Have a blast, Sue. You and V deserve a break!

Sue said...

Subha -- Precisement!

M4 -- Again, thank you. :)

Abha -- We're like cheerleaders for 99, LOL!

Neera -- Pack your bags and run away in the middle of the night. ;)

Mystic -- Thanks. You're right, we needed this even more than we wanted it.