Saturday, May 30, 2009

Thank you, Mashi!

I'd almost forgotten how delicious stroopwafels were. Mashi got us a packet some years ago.

Surfing around, I came across the site linked above and Mashi, thank you!


Mona said...

why is blog talking to me in french?
and yeah, dude - i haven't had stroopwafels in yonks. as soon as i get over this sweet aversion, guess who's indulging in some? ;)

Sue said...

Mona -- The blog's talking in French because I changed the settings for the fun of it. Do have some extras for me. I've never seen them in India.

Ughsome said...

ooh love them too!
love your blog by the way.

Sue said...

Ughsome -- Heavenly, aren't they?