Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I Stick My Neck Out

And ask, what business is it of Bal Thackeray’s whether Anjali Waghmare defends Kasab or not?

As a citizen of this country I privately think that the best way to deal with Kasab is to make him slave for a day in the place of each person who died, make him do the work they did for the nation with none of the benefits, and then shoot him. I’m vindictive that way.

But then, I’m not a leader telling people what to think and therefore I can afford to think short-term, vindictive thoughts.

Thinking as a person whose thoughts affect other people, I have to say that in this country at least, we have an operating legal system. It’s in place for a reason – to ensure that our behaviour is just, no matter how anybody else behaves anywhere else.

It might seem like a bit of a farce to try Kasab when his guilt cannot be any clearer, but it’s a process that needs to be followed through so that we can hold our heads high and consider our conscience clean.

For this process to be followed through, a lawyer must be appointed for him. I think it’s extremely unpatriotic not to mention unprofessional for a lawyer to refuse this office. When one does so for fear of political reprisal, more shame to the people who cannot see that patriotism comes in higher forms than attacking restaurants or tearing up cricket pitches.


Subhashree said...

I don't have high thoughts about our legal system, but I've started respecting it because of the fair way in treating a criminal whose criminality was seen by the whole country. I think that is highly commendable.

B o o said...

Kindly take up a tag from me, please! :)

Mama - Mia said...

oh well! the Thackrey's are a bunch of morons and now that everyone is realising it they are getting stupider!

did you know that one of Raj Thakrey's northie Bhabhis is now campaigning for him saying he was NEVER anti north indians!

these doofuses can sink to any low! sigh!

Beq said...

hear hear! (Though I think Patriotism is one of the the very worst kinds of ism)

Beq said...


read read....the war continues

Hip Grandma said...

we have a judiciary in place but it is so slow that people tend to forget the gravity of the case in question.i want kasab to be tried but more for the sake of getting to know the others involved.

BTW your post on learning disability was very touching and an eye opener.Thanks.

karmickids said...

He needs a trial but not in India. This is a trial which should have been conducted by the UN. On the world stage.

Sue said...

Subha -- I know what you mean. Sometimes though, I'm afraid we're bending over backwards.

Boo -- Done!

Abha -- LOL! He has North Indian bhabhis? This gets funnier.

Beq -- What's wrong with patriotism, Beq? Thanks for the review. Seemed a bit indecisive to me.

Hip Grandma -- Thank you, the learning disability month was Kiran Manral's idea.

Kiran -- I'll disagree. We suffered, we have the right to try him without foreign interference. Can you believe the nerve of him, asking for this and that?

Beq said...

What review? And I meant the jingoistic call to arms in the name of a shared nationality over ultimately empty stances is exactly what I loathe about patriotism. I'm not a patriot, even though I care deeply for issues affecting the country and its people.
Case in point- all this hoo ha about the IPL and the marketing of this empty materialistic enterprise as something that enhances our pride in our country. What bullshit!
Not my cup of tea. Probably because I dislike cricket

Sue said...

Beq -- The link you sent me is the review of a book. I thought you'd read it!

If you care deeply about national issues surely that makes you a patriot? Since when did you let media morons define patriotism or indeed anything else to you?

Beq said...

yeah, the link. I realised it once I scrolled through the comments...forget it Sue, I'm just uncomfortable with that word. Its just too strident and right wing for me...

Sue said...

Beqboy -- It's OK, it's the sentiment that matters, not what you call it. Don't let the right wingers get you down.