Thursday, April 23, 2009

Celebrating Earth Day?

If you live in Cal, you’ve been bearing the brunt of nasty power cuts for a while now. If you have any brains at all, you’ll be cutting down on your electricity consumption when you do have power. I’m so bloody tired of power cuts because two people in an office need five ACs running, because people leave home computers on all day, because they can’t be arsed to turn lights and appliances and chargers off when not in use and because they need their pansy ACs on the whole bloody day and night. Shape up.


SUR NOTES said...

was looking for the thumbs up icon at the bottom and realised I am not on facebook.

i LIKE this post. and hope people will listen.

saptarshi said...

I totally agree. People must must learn to use ACs properly. Sealing the room properly, closing doors, keeping the temperature at a 22 instead of a 16, in fact running a fan in conjunction can really help at times.

There is an other side of the story, which is the utter failure of the state government to develop the power industry. Consider the fact that WB is not even a highly industrialized place. They cannot even cater to a regular demand of electricity.

Rimi said...

I have resisted having an AC in my room (which is admittedly stuffy) for the last three years. I have quite unpleasantly and firmly told my parents that all further offers to install one shall be met with cold indifference.

I despise the AC, Yay! attitude. It's not only blatant, selfish, consumerism, it's idiotic, short-sighted show-offy consumerism.

You can tell I really feel for this cause, can't you?

Cuckoo said...

Thank God there are atleast some people who understand :) I am so tired to telling my bais that clothes do not need a fan to dry or that the kitchen tubelight is meant for the night, not 12 noon :) I end up switching them off myself, but why do people refuse to learn.

IBH said...

oh! i so agree with you on this one Sue....having grown up in Madras, two things am most touchy about is , wastage of electricity and water!

I mean, i have lost two maids for telling them not to use water wastedly...and my kid grows up hearing me tell her to close the tap when she brushes her teeth and while she is using the bathroom!

i have lived in those days, when water in madras, we used to store in big urns for us to use for next 3 days...and now i still live like that...though there is water...i can NOT imagine wasting it!

Sue said...

Sur -- :) You need to detox. I've been doing it for a week now and I no longer want to change my status line every half hour. Progress, huh?

Saptarshi -- Waiting for the government to shape up has got us (and our parents) nowhere. So I say we learn to make the best of what we've got, and we can definitely do that.

Rimi -- LOL! Well, I don't despise the AC but I'm wary of its addictive powers which is why I taught myself to live without it. Luckily, Vicky doesn't like it too, so we don't have one at home either.

Cuckoo -- I have no idea but I've noticed that maids tend to act like our budgets and supplies are inexhaustible. I've told maids to their faces that if I could afford to spend like that, I'd hire better help! :)

IBH -- Gosh, when we first moved to MDR, we had to buy every drop of water and very expensive it was too. Remember how they'd serve water in restaurants in small tumblers?

Beq said...

True True! Hear Hear! Them little turds :)

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

I agree, but let's send this post of yours to the Writer's Building...I'm sure that's where most of the uncaring, selfish behaviour happens anyways!

Anonymous said...

Sue, you've been tagged.

I would have said it in french if I could, since your blog suddenly looks frenchi-fied... :-)


Rimi said...

I should have use quotation marks. I do not despise ACs, merely the "AC, Yay!" attitude. You know what I mean?

IBH said...

you know, now water usage in rest. should be made like how it is established in Europe...

In Germany, you have tobuy water ...and there is no free water ilke how we use here ...all public places, you must buy doing this, you become stingy coz you are shelling out money to buy water..and u start using it sparingly..if you know what i mean!

i remember those days Sue! gone without taking bath for 2 days consecutively! that too in madras heat? it is like Devil landed on Madras and we faced the worst of times in our lives..

man! i shudder even now, the way my colony folkis used to fight over the metro water tanker's water supply!

seriously, we go on like this, we may very well end up having no water after just two generations!

Mama - Mia said...

its amazing how we refuse to acknowledge that ecah one can make a difference... good and bad!

i mean imagine millions of computer users not bothering to switch off the monitor thinking how much electricity can that take! :(

i get tired of telling people to save paper, electricity and water!



Sue said...

Beq -- :) Yes, indeed!

M4 -- Not at all. Writers for sure but I can think of lots of friends and relatives off-hand who need to start thinking more about the wastage in their homes.

Priya -- Your blog's private, so I don't know what the tag is!

IBH -- Cal is historically a city that has had plenty of water. I guess it's really weird for the average householder here to think of life spent counting the drops.

Abha -- I reuse envelopes. Makes me look such a miser!