Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Am fiddling around with templates. As you can see, I've managed to turn the blog French. Not switching that off just yet because I really need to read some French. Then maybe we'll try Swahili?


Casuarina said...

Bien, merci d'offrir une telle variété du point de vue de la langue!

(I just got that translated for me on a website, as my French knowledge is too elementary to be of any real use !)


D said...

It's all English to me!

dipali said...

Oye Sue, angreji waapas le aa, nahin te asi theth Punjabi vich comment dassengey.

Sue said...

Casuarina -- :)

D -- :P

Dipali -- Go on, do some more Punju aunty! It's fun!

Just Like That said...

noticed it while publishing my comment, but not before. and was wondering what-on-earth! :-)