Tuesday, April 21, 2009

All Thumbs and Not One Green!

Trishna asked after my plants and this is what I found myself replying:
I couldn't separate the siblings, I mean the seedlings and now they're threatening to kill each other in their tiny pot. I should have known better, really. Even my tomatoes are out to get me. Violet (the petunia) goes her own imperturbable way and Bootsie (the geranium) will, if she survives, grow taller than my son is right now, which means over three feet, which means I will need to rent another flat to accommodate her.

I'm not the world's luckiest gardener.
As you can see, I take even whining to new standards. Yay me.


Aathira said...

Ha ha... you have named your flowers :)

I have been trying to get some seeds to germinate to get to the gardening level, and that is just not happening!

Saya said...

Ha.. join the club.. my chysanthemums have burnt to a crisp and show no signs of flowering ever again. the rest are slowly dyin.. my pots look like they are lined up to heaven... gahh

Itchingtowrite said...

aww shush
nobody can kill a money plant- it is a great morale booster
just get a moss stick to support it so that it doesn't clamber on your walls

Sue said...

Aathira -- Do it the easy way: Buy a flourishing plant!

Saya -- Don't 'mums die and need replacing or something? I don't know for sure, but find out.

Itchy -- Mine is dying. :( It's ignoring all efforts of mine. It used to be such a nice, happy plant until it fell over and the planter broke. I don't think it likes its new home.

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

You and whine? Nooooooooo!! In fact you've clearly passed on your sunny disposition to your plants! :)

Et je veux dire, c'est bien, cette langue que tu a decide a utiliser ici. Je peux pratiquer un peu maintenant.

Sue said...

M4 -- :P As for la langue, pratiquez avec moi by all means, pourquoi pas!