Thursday, March 05, 2009


I've been down quite a bit of late. The marriage went through a rocky patch and with it my belief in us as a couple.

This morning, I was morosely contemplating this parting of ways when Vicky helpfully pointed out that we've been together five years.


My god. If I've stuck to the man for five years I may as well just stay on. All this time I was thinking of the three years we've been married and airily adding "some time" before it. And thinking, it's not too much to throw up and walk away.

But five years. I'm so proud of myself right now. I've never been with anybody that long. (Nor has he but really, there's only one me, you know. Don't you believe what they say about a Suecker being born every minute.)

It also strikes me that I've been around Dipali too long if I could write Suecker without waiting for her to say it first. Hmmm...


Mama - Mia said...

five years DOES seem a lot doesnt it?

recently realised this Oct would be M's and mine 5th wedding anniv and we have known each other for a total of 10years!

somehow 5 seemed like a BIG landmark!

glad you staying on! :)

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Remember what they say about known devils...

And btw, do you know you crack me up? :)

chandni said...

:) congratulations!

good job.

We've finished a year of being married and 8 of being together.

Not bad eh?

Mystic Margarita said...

Congratulations Sue! Rocky patches surface in every relationship, you'll survive it.

dipali said...

I Suer am impressed with you and your resolve! Things usueally get better with time:)

D said...

Is this is a happy post or what? I'm still unable to make up my mind.

I've been married 5 years and it is such a long time indeed. Congratulations.

Munchkin said...

My advice is stick with him you really have the time and the patience to find another man and then discipline and domesticate him??!!
I tell my husband that sometimes this is the only thought that keeps me from kicking his butt :)

Monika,Ansh said...

Oh that sure is a long time. So stick at it dear.
*Hugs* for the rough patch. Hope things smoothen out :)

Subhashree said...

Cool Sue. congrats.

I've been married to Hubby Dear for almost 7 years, been together for 12 years. And I ditto Munchkin's comment :)

akamonica said...

R and I have known each other 12 years but been married for only 3.5 years. When we decided to marry, everyone told us 'what were you'll doing all these years. why did you waste so much time'. had no answer to that. But now when i think back, i really wish we had looked within ourselves earlier, realised we had something more than friendship
and got married sooner.

The rough patches come off and on to prove to you that the love there is still genuine. If all is peaceful all the time i feel there isnt enough love or concern.

Casuarina said...
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Casuarina said...

@ Munchkin : LOL :)

Honestly, at certain pts of time in our 3 year relationship (and 1 year of marriage), enough differences have cropped up to make me wonder at the injustice that I might have done to my self-respect by marrying at all. But then, I always try to convince myself that it's way easier to destroy a relationship than construct it. So I throw myself the challenge of staying on. And sooner or later, I do find myself embracing happier and healthier reasons to continue in marriage mode.

So keep at it !

And do take care. I know you'll come up trumps. You're a fighter !

the mad momma said...

9 years for us and i often wonder how i survived it.

ps - you got dipali's url wrong. is it revenge for the awful puns?

Sue said...

Abha -- LOL! Yes, five seems like a long time.

M4 -- I do? I cannot imagine how. :I

Chandni -- *applauds C and The Boy*

Mystic -- Maybe. Maybe I'll read this twenty years later and smile. Maybe I won't.

Dipali -- Shoo! Away with you!

D -- I don't know. It's a resolute post, I think.

Munchkin -- So true!

Monika -- :) Thank you.

Subha -- Boy did you start young! :P

Monika -- Aww... maybe you needed that time to learn to appreciate what you were to have one day. Vicky and I knew each other for four years before we got together.

MM -- LOL, no, I'll go fix it. Thanks.

rads said...

Congratulations! As dipali said, it gets better with time, and I couldn't agree more. We had our really bad time after 10 years, it's getting better now.

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

I should have been clearer, your pun cracked me up...not the depth of your emotions. Regarding that, I swim the same ocean as you...

Sue said...

Rads -- See, that's not making me feel hopeful!

M4 -- I know, I was just deadpanning. :) Will be out of town from the 23rd to 25th, I'm afraid. Break a leg.