Friday, March 27, 2009

In Which I Become an Advertising Type

Another busy week just rushed past. I had a working weekend so I went to work late in the mornings. On Friday I met Dipali for lunch at Flury’s after work and we had a nice, leisurely meal before going shopping for books. Bank work followed and then I went to New Market. Vicky and Bheblu-babu met me there at the Kolkata Haat. It’s a pleasant concept and I hope it lasts. Since I reached before they did, some cut pieces from Geeta, a toy chaki-belloon (rolling pin and board) and other such stuff rushed into my bags before I could do anything about it. The puppets however were a considered buy. Dinner was fried rice and toothsome lemon chicken at Jimmy’s after which we took a taana-rickshaw (hand-pulled rickshaw) back to the car parked in front of my office. A very pleasant and satisfying day.

I don’t remember what we did on Saturday but I spent most of it at work. On Sunday morning we went to New Market to pick up Bootsie, my new white geranium – yes, yes, I’ll post a pic some time – and some footwear for Vicky and me. I got new slippers from Khadim and Vicky got some really cool sandals and a pair of suede shoes from Sreeleathers. We lunched at Dosas’n’More. My puliogare was just perfect, loaded with ghee, and Rahul ate his idlis on his own.

Then we went to my office, while Vicky went to bring Ally from where she was parked at Chowringhee. The boy ran around happily; he also got progressively sleepier so things reached a dicey point when he choked on a lozenge. Luckily, he eventually threw it up. He and Vicky then had some of the Chinese food that the boss had ordered for us hard-working on Sunday types, and went back home.

Monday night I flew to Bombay for the presentation that had necessitated all this work. Ate steadily all evening, from a sandwich and cake at the airport to an unbelievably bad meal on Indian Airlines, to yummy prawns at the hotel where we stayed to some soul-satisfying loitey fish fry at Soul Fry. Next morning, I indulged in a steaming hot tub bath after years. The presentation over, we had another awesome meal (I still cannot get over the paneer) at Soul Fry.

Looked in at the office in Bombay after lunch, then rushed off to Pune on a sudden urge. I’m so glad I went . I have only the one grandmother and her I met after a year and a half. Note to self: Chhotomama needs to be kept on a tighter leash as far as shaving goes. Dropped in on Jayamashi the next morning and missed my bus but there was another one half an hour later. The journey was comfortable but in Bandra I found myself an autowala who knew less about Pali than I did! Luckily, we managed to not get lost too badly.

Met Kiran-Krish, Ro-Ayaan and Parul for lunch. You can read about the fun we had here and here. Missed Sur, but hey, there’ll be other times. Got to see Adi after lunch when we dropped in at his place. I officially love my bloggy nevvies. They are all total darlings. Krish’s photos don’t do him justice. Ayaan is even more fun than Ro’s blog would have you think. And what can you say about Adi-boy except that to see him is to want to squish him? The girls themselves? I dunno. Hard to describe old friends. Oh and Parul’s pics don’t do her justice either.

Flew home that evening (thanks for the lift, K). Vicky, Cousin J and Bheblu-babu had come to receive me. I love my boys, I do, and Cousin J too.

Have been tidying home, trying to come to terms with trying relatives (with little or no success I may add), and hugging my baby whenever I can catch him. I can't believe I was conned into staying away from him for three whole days and two entire nights. Last night we had dinner at Pishithamma's -- M'pishi and Cousin J were there too. This afternoon I'll be having lunch with Vicky somewhere in a bit. We have a car key to duplicate (lost the other one) and a lingerie sale to check out. Sleepy baby will probably mean no sale but one may hope.


Rohini said...

"Ayaan is even more fun than Ro’s blog would have you think"

And 'fun' is a euphemism for? :)

Casuarina said...

Wow,good to know that you're having quite an eventful social life once again, despite work etc.

Hope you've got over Uma Shankar now...real life can be so much more chock-full of incidents, don't you think ?! :)

Subhashree said...

Oooh... what fun!

Mama - Mia said...

sounds like lotsa fun was had!

any presentations in bangalore again?!

Sue said...

Ro -- Fun is an euphemism for FUN. Geddit?

Casuarina -- Oh Uma Shankar is a ship that has sailed. Or, in his case, probably a bus that left two months ago.

Subha -- Yep, fun's the word.

Abha -- Never had any in B'lore but one can hope. ;)