Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Housewives Want Salaries on Holi-Day

If you haven't come across the article already, you can read it here.

My mother's always said that she ought to be paid for the work she's done, and I have always agreed. Never so fervently as when I found myself a full-time housewife, of course.

I genuinely wish some kind of stipend at least could be worked out, so that the women who go to work outside the home do so out of their own free will rather than financial compulsions. Also, to give house-husbands an incentive to be just that. It's not a bad life if that's what works for you.

On that semi-soapbox note, I wish you all a happy Holi. Remember, it's your festival. To be celebrated by you and not to be forced upon those who don't celebrate it. Me, I'm going to celebrate with sweet stuff this year. Cake-shaped.


Aathira said...

Happy Holi

Kokonad Sinha said...

There was this study in 2006 - I think they still do it - about the salary a homemaker should get. This article did create an uproar, though it was more in the blogging world. Feminists, chauvinists, realists, optimists, columnists, pessimists and all forms of personalities had something to say about this.
I just brought it up because I felt it was relevant to this piece. :)
Aside, love your blog. Many a thing to read about! :)

choxbox said...

you mean doing their duty and deriving satisfaction from it isn't enough?! kyaa zamaana aa gaya hai..

dipali said...

Happy Holi, Sue and family.
LOL at Chox:)

How do we know said...

i ahve always maintained that housewives need salaries. i also informed the other that if he thinks i m unproductive as a non earning wife, he can choose to pay all the domestic staff that he will need to maintain his house, or he can pay me the housekeeper's salary, which will be "my money" :-) this was when we wre talking abt my being a stay at home mom.

Mystic Margarita said...

Happy Holi Sue, V, and Bhablet. )

Subhashree said...

Good thought Sue... May be the spouse who pays money should get tax benefit out of it so that he/she also has some incentive :)

Hope your cake-shaped sweet Holi was yummy.

Sue said...

Aathira, Dipali, Mystic -- Thanks you guys. We had a very nice, quiet Holi.

Kokonad -- Thank you. For the compliment and the link! Certainly very thought-provoking.

Chox -- Well, you know it's Kali yug, right?

How do we know -- Vicky and I worked around this (after a great deal of fighting) by settling allowances on ourselves. Each of us gets a fixed amount to spend unquestioned per month and beyond that expenses need to be communal or at least, not personal. It made me feel a great deal more independent while I was not earning.

Subha -- I was thinking of a government stipend, actually. Why make the spouse pay? I didn't get the chance to bake cakies after all. :(

Monika,Ansh said...

What about wives who take double the trouble & work both at home & outside?

Sue said...

Monika -- I had in mind spouses who kept home on a full-time basis, you know, this being the only work they did. To give them an incentive for it and also to bolster their self-importance. If you earn elsewhere, unless you earn less than the homemaker's salary, ought you get paid a homemaker's salary as well?