Sunday, March 01, 2009

Days Packed Tight

With work. Meeting family. We've been seeing a lot of Giga and Cousin J lately, trying not to think of their impending departure from the city. Also, Baba has been flying by now and then, doing a quick visit while on tour. Dada came to town for a few days. Chhotopishithamma and dadu celebrated their golden wedding anniversary. Shantuda and family were also in town and we spent a fun evening together.

Recently we visited the Horticultural Gardens where I got myself a potted begonia. Which I'm slowly killing as we speak but let's not think about that. We went to see the Annual Flower show and that was quite enjoyable. We had a BNP Picnic at Victoria Memorial which was enlivened by a Burmese hat and lots of unknown men. There were a couple of weddings -- Prithvi's, and Maitra's brother also got married -- and lots of highs and lows on the health front at home. Rahul was quite ill for a week but reacted really well to the homoeopathy. Vicky's parents have also had good and bad days healthwise.

Work has been rather steady in contrast, with a fairly even flow distributed across most days. Have been losing focus a bit. Am still not sure this is my thing, but at least I'm also sure I don't want to stay at home.

Went to the children's handicraft exhibition at Rahul's school yesterday. It's funny to realise how absurdly proud I can be of a cat made out of a sponge or a wall hanging made out of ice cream sticks. Or how many people want to see the photos.

Saw both Slumdog Millionaire and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button this week. Seeing the latter second, I do wish the Oscar hysteria hadn't given stuff like Best Movie to Slumdog. Because Benjamin Button is a superb movie. Slightly tighter editing would have made it a little shorter and better, but I loved the movie in its entirety. Pitt did a beautifully understated job of a man who spent his life reacting to circumstances rather than creating them. And Blanchett was marvellous as a dancer. I loved how dance and the lines of dancing entirely defined her character. Slumdog was not bad at all, and it was quite enjoyable, if anything, but it's simply not in the same class somehow.

Also saw Billu Barber and enjoyed that as well. Very southie in flavour, right down to the Just Because songs. Irrfan Khan was perfect, as always, and Shah Rukh Khan did a very good job of playing King Khan. Lara Dutta took some time catching up but by the end of the movie I was more or less reconciled to her.

Been buying books at the Oxford sale. Now we have Bubbles books from 1 to 12. We love Bubbles in this house.

Spent the morning at the zoo. Despite the heat we went around the whole place and had fun. Rahul was awed at the giraffe and elephant but quite captivated by the crocs, birds and big cats. Guess size does matter, esp when you're only three feet tall yourself.

I don't know if these days are golden but they pass by so fast.


Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Yes, these are indeed the golden days and you captured them down very well. Very well.

Wish you many more in endless supply!

dipali said...

Sounds busy!

Taking a little one to the zoo is such a treat:)
Despite the heat
And the smell
All is well
when you see the fascination
on that little face,
eyes widening in wonder
at each new creature.

Do circuses still exist?
He'll love 'em too!

Aathira said...

Zoos are so much fun! I went to the Mysore zoo and I had such a wonderful time just walking amongst all those animals! Hope Rahul enjoyed his visit.

I am also looking to have some potted plants, and I seem to be killing everything too :(
I have managed to kill a Money Plant! Hope its not bad luck or anything, I do not need that kind of bad luck right now!

Munchkin said...

Oh these are the golden days...:) enjoy them...

Mama - Mia said...


what fun! isnt is super fun to see kids' faces at the zoo! they are so amazed that the things exist out of books and are much bigger too! :)

and these days, gotta be thankful just for being there! even if they get over fast!



Sue said...

M4 -- Thanks. I wish the same for you too. :)

Dipali -- Aw, a poem for us! Thank you, Dipali dida! We haven't seen any circuses around but he enjoyed New Market and the Kolkata Haat last night.

Aathira -- How did you kill the money plant? You just need to keep a cutting in a bottle of water in plenty of sunlight. Do give it another try.

Munchkin -- Yours and mine both, babe. :)

Abha -- Amen to that!

The Weekend Blogger said...

I miss "being busy" in Kolkata. There's so much to do and the best part is the comfort of all things familiar. I miss my bookshops. I still haven't marked "my bookshop " here in Delhi...somehow I am not able to connect to things...or is it because I am too busy being busy ?