Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Wee Affair at the Door

As I got ready to leave for work this morning, The Bheblu babu and his ‘Babata’ (literally “the father” and nobody taught him to call Vicky that) were playing a riotous game with a ball. Something that made the shorter Niyogy laugh like a demented midget and the taller one roll around our living room floor.

They broke off to see me off at the door. Pintsize considered whining but he was in too good a mood to be seriously tempted. So I cuddled him and was about to make a quick exit when I found that two wee hands were holding me tight and a serious pair of eyes were looking at my earrings. Bright yellow bells, and he’s never seen me wear them before . He noticed, looked consideringly at the yellow logo of my JUDE teeshirt and generally looked me over.

The horrible little child notices these things. When I do my hair different. When I wear an uncommon saree. When I wear unknown earrings. Just as I was all set to renounce them to their male bonding, too.


Serendipity said...

How cute!! :)
my 5 yr old brother once told my mom she was looknig like a boy, when got a short hairdo (read:haircut gone wrong)
She almost passed out.

Aathira said...

My brother sometimes surprises me with his ' Is this a new top?'

nomadz said...

sho shweet :)

DewdropDream said...

I've frequently had male kid cousins come and admire random stuff like a ring, or an interesting pendant ... always find it surprising.

aargee said...

hey! ya...they do notice.. I was surprised one day when my "not yet" 3 year old pointed out to my ear-rings and commented " nice it is!"

Sue said...

Serendity -- LOL! I can just imagine it.

Aathira -- A brother to be proud of, eh?

Nomadz -- :)

Dewdrop -- Really? My fathers and uncles do, but not the male cousins, somehow.

Aargee -- Hey! How've you been? Aww, that's so cute of him.

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

I so agree. Just when you've given them up for a lost cause too!!

Irritating hw they surprise us like this!

Upsi said...

the wee one has a bit of you in him, doesnt he.

Casuarina said...

My hubby, K, notices these too...he can always tell if it's sthg he hasn't seen before...I was astounded when he enquired "eta notun kaner dul bujhi?" on a certain occasion.

On a different occasion, a little female relative of K asked me whether I was wearing the same bracelet I'd worn to the same occasion a whole 365 days ago. I was almost too mortified to react at all to that entirely innocent (but nail-on-head) query.

This was one area, I'd almost convinced myself, where men (or little boys/girls) took you in as a whole and never noticed the parts in general.

Turns out, one should never turn too presumptuous in life !

dipali said...

Some guys, and the one and only Bhablet, notice everything. Some notice nothing. I have both varieties:)

Munchkin said... should be thankful about generally are so unconcerned with these things...he's gonna make some very lucky girl happy some day :)

Clytemnestra said...

Oh my little brother does it all the time. (Un?)fortunately, my husband likes to go for the bigger picture, unless severely reprimanded to do otherwise. I'm yet to decide whether its a good or a bad thing!

Mama - Mia said...


thats so cute!

even Cubby has a look at my earings every evening. i take em off, he has a closer look and then gives it back saying "penege!" meaning wear it! :)

and when i tell him mummy is not wearing necklace he has such a stricken face! its totally amusing!



Monika,Ansh said...

hehehe..........don't tell me! already!!

Sue said...

M4 -- LOL!

Upsi -- A Wee bit, yes. :)

Casuarina -- LOL! Hurray for K and if you can't be bothered to remember what you wore for previous occasions, don't let it bother you if people remember. It's a subtle compliment, actually, that they remember.

Dipali -- You tell me which is worse!

Munchkin -- Or he's going to annoy her to death by having an opinion every time she gets dressed. :D

Clytemnestra -- LOL. Encourage the brother and let the hubby be. Too much attention can be a bad thing too!

Abha -- Awww, that's so cute. Rahul loves my jewellery and that's when I think life is so unfair that girls get all the trinkets. So R is allowed to wear my stuff now and then!

Monika -- :)