Friday, February 20, 2009

A Saree Excuse for Summer!

Sales abound and I’ve spent far too much money these last few months so I haven’t got myself anything. Was feeling a little sorry for myself because I will certainly need tops at least to wear to work in summer and then I remembered – I have a whole bunch of pretty cotton and synthetic sarees, some of them new, all of them bright and interesting. I guess I’ll wear them when I want a change from my boring tees. Also, I have some very nice skirts.

I think I’ll go drool over my wardrobe. Certainly did not expect to have sales make me count my blessings!

The title is dedicated, with much affection, to Dipali.


dipali said...

Thank you kindly, dear punny friend!

Sue said...

*runs away howling and declaring defeat*

Monika,Ansh said...

U r one smary lady......
I am anticipating a few shopping trips here. Don't have the good sense that u
I love saress myself but avoid wearing them at work. You inspire me. :)
Post a pic of two of the saree clad Sue.

Mama - Mia said...


i cant even dream of the day when i will be able to wear sarees as comfort clothes to work!

good for ya!



ps: remembered the way you suddently changed and turned up in saree in bangalore! :)

D said...

Wow, you manage to control your shopping urges just like that? I'm envious.

D said...
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Casuarina said...

Now that's one helluva original strategy to combat shopaholicism...never occurred to me till now...I think I'll try it too ! :D

Munchkin said...

Put up some pics :)

Sue said...

Monika -- I have saree pics of me here and there on the blog. Why don't you wear them to work?

Abha -- I repeat my question, how come sarees aren't comfortable clothes for work? No worrying about pantylines and over-large arm-holes or deep necks. If anything shows nobody's looking because everybody's used to a saree showing skin.

LOL, yeah, you should have seen D's face when I changed!

D -- No money. That controlled my urges, not saree excuses.

Casuarina -- You can try it. Be prepared for a lot of teasing from your friends though.

Munchkin -- Of my sarees? I should, sometime. I really have a nice collection.

Mama - Mia said...

oh for me, its comfortable zimbly because i cant wear em well! :p

and take too much time if i have ti do a decent job of it!

i love to see otha women wearing em! and plus on my Dio (my ride to work), am not so comfy!