Sunday, February 01, 2009

Another Reason to Really, Really Laugh at NDTV

I've never been a fan as such of Barkha Dutt but time was when I was younger and appreciated the dreams she got my generation of girls to dream. Then I grew up. The Mumbai attacks happened. And for the first time I watched, really watched the Dutt on tv. Watched as an adult and noticed how she bullied her camera guy around. For a while I tried to tell myself that she was probably dealing with an inept rookie and getting impatient but you know, it's easy to spot a bully.

It made sense, all the stories from all the people I know who've ever had to work sharing her space.

And now I see she's a bully elsewhere, too. Like all bullies with half a brain, she's got the people in charge thinking she's a person to support.

I've had a few kids try to bully my son. They soon found out to their discomfiture that I was keeping an eye on their nastiness. Who's going to show NDTV that they are being watched, too, and are headed for trouble? You? As an Indian who is unwilling to give up her right to free speech, I request you to please take the trouble to check out the links in this post. If you're a blogger, state an opinion. Wear the badge (courtesy MayG). Walk the talk as only you can.


D said...

I love the badge!

Sue said...

D -- Go on, use it.

GettingThereNow said...

I think you are right - she is a bully. Unfortunately I haven't seen Barkha in action but I would sure like to see how she bullied her cameraman.

Lovely badge. Gonna put it up on my blog soon.

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

LOVE THE BADGE!!! I love anything that's colourful, so this badge...I LOVE IT!!

GAwd! First Sanjay Dutt, now Barkha Dutt! What is it with these Dutts? Will somebody please shut the Dutt up?

dipali said...

"Bully" seems to be a most appropriate term.
I like M4's comment-the last qustion!
Have posted, Sue,on this.

Anonymous said...

ok someone tell me how to use this badge...

I am technologically challenged!

Sue said...

Cee -- You tell 'em, Cee!

M4 -- MayG made it. Do feel free to use it if you choose on post on this.

Dipali -- Yes, and remind me never to get on your bad side. :) Good work.

Chandni -- Right click on the pic and choose 'Save As' to save a copy of the pic. Upload it to your post like you normally upload photos. Very easy. Mail me if you're in trouble or ask MM.

DewdropDream said...

Hello! I'm delurking... wanted to tell you I love the badge and would like to use it myself :)

Sue said...

DewDrop -- Do drop MayG a line then, and feel free to use it by all means.

Mama - Mia said...

this is absolutely horrible. conisdering the media has been fighting to not get gagged, its ridiculous that they should question freedom of sppech of others nahi??

am sure blogging is lot more sensible that their reporting!

yes, at a time i was so impressed with Barkha Dutt! to to see this! shame indeed!

and glad i dont have cable TV at home to watch these stupid 24/7 channels!


The Orange Cat said...

Hey, I thought I was the only one to dislike Ms. Dutt!
Anyone for Mr Sardesai instead?

Anonymous said...

Love the badge. I am going to use it after letting May G know or better I can link to hers.

Sue said...

Abha -- Well, we have cable but we don't watch it much. During the Mumbai attacks though I did watch it a lot, especially NDTV.

Cat -- Oh Rajdeep has his own faults. More palatable than Dutt, that much I'll give him.

Solilo -- The badge is for everybody to use, but yeah, I'm sure she'd appreciate a link.

Le taureau said...

De-lurking. Love the Badge.