Saturday, January 10, 2009

To Give You Hope

If you are the book fanatic parent of an infant obsessing at the probable illiterate future of your child since the child is not particularly interested in all the baby books you've bought it, take heart. One day, this too shall pass.

I had this vision of myself -- right next to the softly toned image of myself as a gracious, eternally patient awesome cook of a mother -- sitting with my baby son on my lap, bringing his storybooks to life for him, telling him stories heartened by his soft chuckles and delighting in his picking out favourites. I certainly did not imagine a child who only picked up a book to bite it or tear it to bits. That however is what I got. (To be fair, I got a Bhablet. Perhaps you did not.)

So I sat and agonised over the future. It looked very bleak. I pictured an aged Sue, sitting in her room while her son told his friends things like, "Hey have you heard this really cool band, they're quite old and nobody appreciates them now but they're uncut diamonds I tell you, these Backstreet Boys!" And how all the shelves in his room would have crap Goth stuff and the only books in it would be stupid magazines that told him how to cure his zits.

And then one day, I got a life and stopped thinking these thoughts and basically, forgot all about it.

And then another day, many months later, my son came up to me and urgently pointed at the book cupboard and said, "Babu, peesh? Babu, boita, peesh?" When his delighted mother immediately offered him his choice of 'boita' ("the book") he brought down half a dozen and proceeded to read them the rest of the day.

To paraphrase my mother, good things happen to Sues who wait.


Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

What fun! Now you can start building your kiddie library! Fill it with all the classics!

dipali said...

Your last line had me in hysterics!
He'll do stuff when he's good and ready to do it, no?

D said...

That holds out hope even for us book fanatic non-parent types :)

The Orange Cat said...

Would it have been so wrong if he indeed liked BSB, developed Neo-Gothic tastes and read magazines of the kind you described? There might just be art in them as well.
BTW, has he read (or had read to him) Treasure Island?

Sue said...

M4 -- Where did you get that "start building" stuff? I have a better kiddy library than I have an adult one. R has had his own proper library (not plastic/cloth/cardboard) for nearly two years now! :)

Dipali -- Yes, yes, but I'm no good at waiting!

D -- :) There's hope for the world yet, huh?

Orange -- Yes, it would because the art that's in them is rather tacky. He's got a pirate book but will have to wait some years for Treasure Island. I believe in level-appropriate reading.

Mama - Mia said...


this one i can vouch for! the son who would sleep as soon as started reading to him! i mean i did blame my poor oratory skills, but still! he didnt even wanna look at pictures!

but the books kept lying about. and now, the kid bores us with his book demands! :p



Anonymous said...

Hey, You give me hope!!(Thanks to Abha who sent me the link to your post :-) )

Sue said...

Abha -- :) What books does he like?

Puja -- Sure, like with everything else about babies, I find Time is a better parent than me anyday!