Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Reader from Bangalore

... who's trying to learn how to wear your saree Bengali style right now as I type -- email me and I'll describe it better.

Applicable to all others too. Only if you're really interested. Otherwise be a sweetheart and don't waste my time.


Anonymous said...

"Sue, would you mind teaching me how to wear a saree the normal way? Please? I'm this poor student in a less-Indians-land(Ireland and we have the Dept Ball in three weeks time and my lovely batchmates want me to wear a saree for it, what with me being the only International Student in my batch and all that. I'd love to wear a saree for it as well, if only I knew how to drape one.I have a booootiful saree with me though(still wondering why I brought it from home when I dint know how to drape it around me).Help please!"

Sue said...

Revs -- Sure, it's not too difficult. Mail me and we'll sort something out.