Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jiyon (and Antara)'s Wedding

Quick Notes:

It was a nice, mad evening. Got home, dressed in a hurry, didn't pin on saree securely -- first time I tried that style on a silk so heavy so I really didn't know what to expect -- found my knot coming undone just as we were about to leave -- just stuck some extra hairpins in and fretted all the way to Jiyon's. Reached and waited around until finally the borjatri (groom's party) left. The real fun started when we reached the wedding hall because Jiyon had arranged for a pretty decent brass band (Mehboob Band!) and we managed to dance for half an hour down a one minute's walk of a lane. Chandni staretd the show and DrD brought the money out. We danced like crazy although I danced a little less because of the knees, and we eventually went in to get the boy married yet again, all sweaty and crazy.

The fish fries were fab, the bride looked lovely and her sister turned out to be a batchmate of mine from JU! A girl from another dept and I completely failed to recognise her. I vaguely thought she looked familiar until Kingshuk landed up and identified her and then it all came rushing back to me. Must be getting older than I suspected.

I worked out the perfect pinning for the saree at the wedding hall so all was cool thereafter. Also, this was Vicky's first wedding where he wore his dhuti himself (and very nicely too) and he even tied it for Papaida (a friend). Not to boast but my husband looked rather dashing with his blue and gold buttons and salt and pepper hair. The boy looked a treat in a FabIndia kurta and a pair of psuedo silk pajamas from a street stall. Unfortunately, he wanted to wear a dhuti like his dad and didn't think too highly of his own dress.

Anyway, the wedding went off fine and the bride and the groom looked adorable. Dana called so we sneaked away from the biye for a wee coffee. Vicky, Rahul and the BIL included. It was nice. Came back, saw the most important part of the wedding out -- had a run in with a photographer -- and finally, exhausted, went home. The bashor (post-wedding all night 'ice-breaking' session) was cancelled since most ppl wanted to go home, the next day being a school/workday.

And no, I don't have pics. Didn't take any although I'm hoping to get some from friends. Don't scold me, I was out there to get Jiyon married, not to compose a blog post, you know!


Mama - Mia said...

oh well! you did write the blogpost!! might as well could have got some pics! bah!

sounds like total fun!



Sue said...

Abha -- :) I told the husband but he never got around to photographing us. So will need to wait for the official pics.

Monika,Ansh said...

Sounds great :)

& do post the pics if & when u do get them

Saya said...

Nice description of a happy time :-)
What style were you trying to tie the saree in?

Sue said...

Monika -- They are with me and will be posted.

Saya -- The one I described as the traditional Bengali way. I did tie it, you know. Just a little clumsily but I fixed that part later.