Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I don't know

... a single man who envies Vicky his wife.

I wish I did.


Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Aww sweetie, I'm sure there are loads...they're not about to spill thier deep, dark desires your mate now, are they?

Rimi said...

Sunny, tumi aektu boka. Slightly. Do you think the men of your acquaintance are likely to sidle up to Vickey, mild mannered darling though he is (in public, anyway), tell him they fancy his wife, and ask if he has a spare stashed away somewhere?

I can see why you might get a huge kick out of that if it happens, and it can only do Vicky good to know what he's got :-), but do you honestly expect your secwet admiwews to spill the beans thusly?

Aar you've blocked me on gtalk. Of this I am convinced. I *never* see you around.

karmickids said...

Nor a single man who envies K his wife...lets start a club.

D said...

Men are really cheap. They'll never tell even if they do envy him. In fact, I'm sure lots of them do!

Mama - Mia said...

bah! that sounds as unbelievable as my weightloss plans!! :p

you fisher! :p


dipali said...

There must be many, Sue, but they ain't telling:)

Munchkin said...

Aww babes,if its any consolation, I would totally have the hots for you if I were a guy.
YES, I mean it and NO I am not a closet lesbian ;)

Casuarina said...

Well, I do...but me not a male, so don't think that's any consolation at all ! :-D

Beq said...


Thinking Cramps said...

I agree with Rimi.

choxbox said...

you serious?

Just Like That said...

LOL! What brought this on? :-D

Anonymous said...


Monika,Ansh said...

Ok, so what happened.
Ok, whatever happened, *Hugs*. I hope it resolves itself out.

Noodlehead said...

i bet their are loads of them out there but they know better than to say that to V!! but yeah, i know how you feel...same boat. i agree with K, let's start a club :D

blogrolling u.

Sue said...

M4 -- :) I'll bet you and you'll lose. Most men go away from me thanking their lucky stars I didn't marry them!

Rimi -- I'm always invisible. :P Hardly online while at home, so it makes sense to stay off chat. Anyway, thanks for ruining a perfectly good pity party. Aektu boka naki!

Kiran -- Let's! Better yet, I can be your secret admirer and you can be mine. ;)

D -- :( Men have no taste. They don't envy him at all.

Abha -- :P

Dipali -- They're doing a good job of hiding it, is all.

Avanti -- Really? Awesome!

Casuarina -- :)

Beq -- And Wee misses you. Pointed to Nikhil Chinappa on a poster the other day and kept saying Beq. Turned out he was wearing shoes like yours. He misses you and will miss K something bad when "jaethoo" goes back home.

Anamika -- Ah phooie to you too.

Chox -- Well, only in part.

JLT -- Wow, look who's been lurking. :) A fight that left me feeling a real bitch brought it on.

Chandni -- Aw, thanks.

Monika -- Thanks, it did! And very nicely too.

Noodlehead -- Sure. And I can be your secret admirer too. *leers*

the mad momma said...

nor the OA . but who cares? :)

Sue said...

MM -- Not us!