Friday, December 26, 2008

Which Calvin and Hobbes Character are You?

You are Susie. Now many think that Susie is a very sad character as she is always being picked on by Calvin. Truth is, they like each other, and that's why he throws snowballs at her, and she retaliates with something even bigger. She never just lets him push her around. She's a girl with determination and skill. And so are you (not that you're a girl if you aren't), but you're a strong person even if others don't think you are. You are very intelligent and know what you want in life. You are quiet until someone tries to screw you over, then you hit 'em hard, and you love doing it. You deserve all the good things you get, because honestly, you work for it.

You'd have thought I wouldn't have needed to ask in the first place.

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