Friday, December 26, 2008

Names and The Bhablet

So he's on his way to sentences, making up small ones now. You have to discount the extra tatatas after each word and you can usually understand what he's trying to tell you.

"Eta Babuta bagtata" -- This is Mum's bag.

Which brings me to the point of this post: so not only am I no longer Emm, nor am I Ma or even Mamma. When we went to Madras last month, he discovered that I call my mum Mamma, so he started calling her that. To add to the confusion, there was also in residence his mama, my brother. In all, he could throw a car and hit a Ma, Mamma or a Mama. Which, of course, he did quite a lot. He also threw everything else he could pick up, mostly out of sheer joie de vivre, from what we could tell.

Anyway, to distinguish me he began calling me by my endearment for him, Babu. Which worked fine until we came back home and he discovered that he was in the middle of Baba (Vicky), Babu (me) and Baby (him). Probably giving it up as a bad job he's stuck to this nomenclature ever since.


Opaline said...

Baaby ta ke biig kissie. =)

One Day I promise I'll stick to babysitting offer.

Noodlehead said...

lol! so cute :) happy hols and a have a great year ahead!

Mona said...

lol, that's sooo cute. poor Bhabs!

Sue said...

Srin -- Sure, don't worry. You know he likes the company of hot women.

Noodlehead -- Thanks. I hope you guys have an interesting 2009 too! I'm thinking that Little Missy will ensure that you do!

Mon -- LOL! Yeah, and he had been taught to call the BIL 'Pappu' (BIL's pet name) because the parents-in-law found it cute. Now though that the BIL is in town and we refer to him as Jethu (Uncle), he's taken to calling his uncle the required "Jedhu" and his grandmother (Jethu's mother) Pappu... go figure.

The Marauder's Map said...

Oh god, do we have the same problem. Even after persistent efforts AA refuses to call my mom Dimma, so she's Mamma and I'm also Mamma. At any given point, we never know who she's referring to. To top it all, now her Thamma is here and she's taken to calling her Mashi for some strange reason!

Opaline said...

I used to call my mother "boudi" apparently.