Monday, December 01, 2008

My Face is Not a Toy!

yelled Vicky, as The Bhablet tried, yet again, to rearrange his father's features to his liking.

I was strongly reminded of Mr. Potato Head. I wonder if he feels the same way. And I wonder if anybody else think he and Vicky have more similarities than people trying to readjust their faces?

See what I mean? No?


Rimi said...

Sunny, my love. Your husband lacks a moustache. And therefore no.

You can always slap a fake one on and paint his face. I shall be willing to reconsider my opinion then.

dipali said...

The jaw line doesn't match either! The smile does! Eyes and glasses can be conceded. But equating someone of Vicky's slender build with Mr.Potato Head- it seems very creative, if not quite credible!

Mama - Mia said...

does that make you Mrs. Potato head??!! :p

i smile everytime i hear Mr.P.head saying "Look Picasso" when his features are rearranged and the pig just doesnt "get" it! PH calls him uncultured swine! :p

but then i am going on a tangent! i just love Toy Story too much! hehe!



Ritu said...

Not fair, my dear. Your hubby has very intelligent features - plus they are not detachable. So the comparision does not hold true

Rohini said...

LOL! Now I get what all that Potato Head talk was all about.

And the answer to your question would be a big, fat no! :)

Sue said...

Rimi -- Yikes. A moustache. Such a terrible thing to contemplate. He offers to grow one now and then.

Dipali -- Chalo, at least I'm creative even if he ain't MPH.

Abha -- Just for that Missus PH crack you and I are katti.

Ritu -- Where did you see intelligent features? Where???

Ro -- Ah bah you're plain biased, is what.