Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Great, Greedy Guts

And he is, too. The husband, I mean. We’ve known each other off and on, for over seven years now. One of my earlier memories of us sharing the same space was when his parents went out of town and his brother threw afternoon parties every day to celebrate. Obviously all the money available was spent on grass so usually there was no food. Sometimes there was a little alcohol. One such day I went out to the dining room for a little fresh air, feeling faintly sorry for myself because I hadn’t eaten all day.

Vicky came out of his room, took a carton of cheese spread out of the ‘fridge, a packet of Cream Crackers and proceeded to devour the whole lot on his own. In front of me, seated across the table. Over friendly conversation. Without so much as offering me a bite.

You’d think I should have known better than to marry a monster like him.

Now, these long days at work are tough on my munch-happy tum. I like to munch through the afternoon and I only survived the other day by reminding myself about the chicken cutlet sitting in the ‘fridge at home. Vicky was to have had one for lunch and the other one I planned to slide into the system ASAP.

But you know where this is going. He had them both. I don’t think I’ll get over the disappointment any time soon.

Note: The man is being disgustingly nice to me while I adjust to this major lifestyle change. I have been thinking for a long time but this was the only legit complaint I found to write about. So what if one part is six years old. I don’t intend to let a little thing like that stop me.


Jassie said...

My man is the same - but at least he offers me the food! What he does do, is eat EVERYTHING in the cupboards and the fridge! When I was in Delhi for 3 days, he ate all the cake I keep for Tara's school tiffin and my ENTIRE supply of Shrewsbury biscuits.I mean there's no end to it!
If I buy 5 small chocolate bars one evening, they're gone in the morning!

I know just what you mean! You're not alone there, sista!

Mama - Mia said...


thank god! V really cares for you! thats why he leaves a little room for complaint you see!!




Monika,Ansh said...

lol........u r really funny. He sounds like a sweet monster & a lot like my monster when it comes to food.

Sue said...

Jasma -- LOL! If I'm around I get offered some, but now I shan't be around so much, so I suppose I better get used to it.

Abha -- :) Yes, he's saving me from weight gain by eating all the chocolates. I wonder why I didn't understand that from the start?

Monika -- He's being an abso sweetheart right now, to tell you the truth.

Rohini said...

Tell me about it. When Jai cooks breakfast for me, I never get to see the whole of it. It usually arrives with huge bite-sized piece gone...

Munchkin said...

Aw cmon...he's being so supportive with your new change :)
as to food...its the same with all men..we all are stuck with guys who have bottomless stomachs and tremendous matter how many snacks i store, i still have to run to a shop when we have guests..

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

A little misdemeanour every now and then is actually a good thing, because look a all the bhav, patta and attention you get afterwards!

Ritu said...

Men are just little boys in big huge bodies, everything edible just disappears. Start stocking carrots and good healthy stuff like paneer. That way you will have food for yourself

vicky said...

Mitthe kotha bolo na!

And remeber, last night even you agreed you had one. And I do remember the number being more than that.

Ok, since it was 6 years ago, I'll forgive your lapse in memory.

Sue said...

Ro -- :) Vicky packed me ham s/w to take to work and made two for his own breakfast. Before I left home, I took a giant bite out of his breakfast. Dunno why but I had to!

Avanti -- In our house I finish the namkeens and he the chocolates. So we keep running out for snacks anyway.

M4 -- ;)

Ritu -- But you don't understand. Then I will have to eat all that healthy stuff.

Vicky -- Ah but last night we were talking about a separate incident altogether, we agreed on that. Anyway, the fact remains you stuff your face and leave me hungry. Sometimes. :*

Jassie said...

At least you only run for snacks - I have to run for ALL food!
Last night he ate the small cake I made for Tara's school lunch! I mean there are limits! :-)

Sue said...

Jasma -- LOL! Well, there's a whole lotta man to feed there. ;)