Saturday, November 22, 2008


So I would like you to re-read this post of mine and this one of hers.

And then, for good measure, if you remember my little Guide, you may enjoy reading it rephrased here.

I do know I'm not buying the internalisation argument.


The blogger has removed the posts in question and explained that she did not intentionally plagiarise. I am satisfied by her explanation and have de-linked but am not removing my post because quite a lot of you have it in your RSS feed anyway and I don't believe in  removing a published post unless strictly necessary. Either way, no more ill feeling towards her -- but I state now for the record and for everybody: if you can't be bothered to acknowledge me, I can't be bothered to be quoted by you. Do remember that.


Suchismita said...

Sunayana, the internalisation argument does not stand. I have been blogging for some time now without knowing that you and I have written about the same stuff at various points of time. Now it so happens that when I think I am not going to be able to put some things down decently enough, without dissing others, I look back at how you went about it. This is not to say I plagiarised you, but I just used your tone to make things sound better and sweeter than they were. I admit it was wrong, but this was the sole reason.

eve's lungs said...

The access to the person's blog is blocked. What's it say and how did you read it ?Strange and sublime -:P

Suchismita said...

Thank you very much, and I shall remember this. Truly will.

Anonymous said...

Sue, I have you in my reader. And I manage to read both of the other author's post. To me it was very similar. Even the way she broke down the bullet point style of being a good dil.

I think its too much of a coincidence. So now she made her blog private. What does that mean? That she isnt going to blog anymore?

Sue said...

Evie -- I was sent one link and found the other, generated by WP as a "possibly-related post". Anyway, the posts are down now so as far as I'm concerned the matter is over.

Sraikh -- I know. But she did acknowledge what she had done, so I'm letting it rest. She's said that she will delete those posts.

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Love the way you handled it.

The con of blogging which sometimes scares me silly...

D said...

Has she deleted all the posts on her blog? There's nothing there!

Mimi said...

I just saw her blog too and its empty..I wonder why she had to delete all the posts..if it was an innocent mistake?

Mama - Mia said...


sensible Sue like always!

though this whole plagarism thing is quite irritating!



Munchkin said...

I faced a similar thing and I am a novice! Anyway, the girl deleted her posts when I proved to her that they were uncannily similar in content and words used. I remeber being so pissed off!

You handles it well though.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why people can't just link up the post that inspired them!

Is it such a big deal?

choxbox said...

hi. catching up..

Sue said...

M4 -- What cons? Somebody using your writing? All public writers get used to it. :) See you tomorrow, with luck.

D -- Yes, she has.

Mimi -- Well, she knew she was doing it but she hadn't realised the full enormity of it. Anyway, the posts are gone.

Abha -- Matter of fact Abha, as always. :)

Avanti -- No, really? Glad you sorted it out without further unpleasantness.

Chandni -- It wasn't just inspiration, Chandni, it was a whole post structured like mine and sounding like mine. I guess we really need to be careful what we sound like. I know I'm very wary of sounding like MM because she often puts things the way I would.

Choxbox -- Hi!