Friday, October 03, 2008

Kittens. Bah!

Yesterday (Wednesday) morning was an incredibly rushed one since we had two invitations to lunch -- Badshahda's grihapravesh and Manashi's shaad. V was to run out for a couple of things early in the morning and rushed downstairs almost as soon as he woke up. In a few minutes he was back up, explaining that a kitten had been startled by the sight of him and had jumped under Ally's bonnet, near the engine. So he couldn't even back the car out of parking, what should he do?

Kittens. I've taken care of plenty and I tell you, there are few things quite as stupid as a kitten.

So I rushed down with an umbrella and generally poked around until I saw it. The eyes were still pretty blueish and it looked tiny, what little I could see. I worked out that it was quite nervous what with Vicky and me on either side of the bonnet and the wall in front of the car. So I sent Vicky upstairs to get me something (I forget what) and by some encouragement, coaxing and judicious umbrella-poking, managed to get it out.

That was episode one and quite bad enough, if you ask me. What kind of a moron would hide near an engine???

In the evening, Vicky and Rahul were to go out on an errand before Shuktara's birthday party. I was pottering around the flat, catching up on the chores, when Vicky came back, looking exasperated, saying that the kitten had done it again. It had gone and lodged itself somewhere under the bonnet and best of all -- since it was now dark, it couldn't even be seen.

I went down, tried the encouragement and umbrella routine but it's difficult poking a kitten you cannot see. I had no idea where it was, only somewhere near the front left. After several frustrating minutes Vicky and I gave up, hoping it had slipped out before we could see it. Vicky started the engine and slowly started reversing Ally, when that idiot kitten jumped out from under the bonnet and promptly went under a wheel.

I was in front of the car and saw it all. My scream stopped traffic and nearly caused Vicky to swerve into the lamp-post. Heck, it nearly gave me a heart attack.

Stupid kitten. It survived, limped away. Nothing seemed broken but one never knows. Bah.


Orange Cat said...

You should have kept it for me. Poor kitten...imagine how awfully frightened it must have been, confronted by some humongous and mildewed umbrella. And I think that it liked the warmth of the engine.

GettingThereNow said...

I have to confess I don't understand (or like) cats or kittens at all. I am totally a dog person. But this poor kitten - I hope it was OK. Must have been so frightening for it.

Upsi said...

next time, bait the kitten with fish or one of Bhablet's stuffed rat. Hide and watch.

Mystic Margarita said...

Ah...that must have given you a scare. Glad that kitty was ok.

Sue said...

OC -- Don't be silly. The engine was stone cold after a night's parking. And the umbrella was meant to be scary. I don't need stupid kittens dying under the bonnet!

Cee -- I doubt that it will survive. I've raised many and this one didn't look a survivor. Oh well. I'm grown up now.

Upsi -- Time was a problem. And in the evening, we couldn't even see where the darn thing was. I hope there is never a next time!

Mystic -- I'm not sure it was. The car wheel may have left it intact but I don't think it will survive the world.

dipali said...

Poor kitten, I guess the simplest thing is to blame its negligent mother!
With all sympathies for both you and the kitten- they can be so stupid. I have a huge kitten story which shall be the next post, whenever I get round to it:)

Indian Home Maker said...

I think since they are small and not much in muscle, they feel safer hidden in small places, where nobody would see them. My cat hides behind tables, curtains, inside or under cupboards. They are a little like babies and need to be watched :)
I know of other kittens who have hidden under car bonnets, and even in kitchen chimneys (old fashioned chimneys), laundry bags and the scariest of all, inside idle washing machines - and were taken out with some difficulty. I hope you saw the kitten gain and the limp is better.
I would have started the car and waited for the kitten to leave... but I guess you weren't even sure it was there.

Indian Home Maker said...

@Dipali Most kittens get separated from the mother cat because small children pick them up to play with them and then leave them when they are not allowed to bring them home or because they find some other interest.

Sue said...

Dipali -- Sure, when you're back!

IHM -- We did start the car, several times, but it didn't work either time. In the evening Vicky waited a bit and then slowly started reversing when that silly kitty jumped.

I asked around later and I think it was abandoned. You know the kittens who won't live, the look they have? Their mothers leave them and go? This one had that look. Anyway, we found it dead behind the building the next day. All very upsetting.

In the normal course of things I would have brought it home. Not with a toddler around, though.

Anonymous said...

kittens (or puppies) when run over take a few minutes to die. maybe she/he died because she/he was run over. limping away ta first signs je hurt, ar all injuries must have been internal which means tomra gari ta start kore chalanor kichukhon porei nischoi mara gecchilo.

dekho, you could have brought a torch and kept poking at the kitten with a stick or something until she/he came out.

Sue said...

Bhooter Raja -- Although I wish you'd use your real name. Anyway, this kitten was alive that night we know. It could have died because of injuries, but do you really think we started the car until we honestly thought it had jumped out? I've never had anybody think of me as a kitten killer before, particularly somebody who's met me.