Saturday, October 25, 2008

Batteesi All Out

So Vicky turned 32 yesterday and once more I had to face the fact that I'm married to a pretty geriatric sorta soul.

It was a peaceful kinda birthday. He worked and after he came home, I went to meet the folks at ContAd, where I'll be joining come November. (Website under construction, btw.) I was done with them early and home with cake in time to get ready in a leisurely sort of way for the evening. Cakes 1 lb truffle, of course. Took it over to Jodhpur Park where his mother was waiting with the birthday payesh.

After an hour or so we went on to Mocambo where he had a sizzler and I had my Chicken a la Kiev and Rahul climbed up the back of his chair and was ultimately taken away to admire the machhhh (fish) by a desperate Sue.

Actually, all things considered, he was not entirely ill-behaved. The restaurant, for instance, was still standing, when we left. No, I suppose given all the ruckus around the blog world on ill-behaved children I oughtn't joke -- so he climbed his chair and dropped the menus and played with the cutlery but he didn't give any servers any extra work, nor did he disturb other guests at all. He was not boisterous. Vicky and I were quite nervous, to tell you the truth, about taking a two year-old to a place like that.

Now I'm thinking, finances permitting, we could do this now and then.

Dessert was cake at Dana's, where we ended up watching the last hour of Transformers.

Then home, a soothing of hurts and bed. Then sex. The man may be old but he's still got what it takes.


Rimi said...

Sunny, I'm fond of you and awl, but I could kill for those limbs. Lovely casual chic.

And happy birthday yay, Vicky!

Anonymous said...

Aww happy birthday Vicky.
May you rock the 30s!(but of course with Sue by your side, why wouldnt you?)

Mine gets a freebie BJ on his birthday.--goes and hides behind the couch in case they are trolls who object to my language.

PS:That post on Samar's allergies wasnt the one..KM linked to the whole allergy awareness thing..I promise I will have one by Mon..Tues..Friday next week.

mayG said...

hey happy belated b'day V!

its the same with our little one, we were always scared to take her out to a fancy/ formal place all the way from a restaurant to the mosque or the movies thinking too many what-ifs and worst-case scenarios.. only recently did we start doing that and she's behaved like an angel so far!

..oh and all this talk of food, pics included and i realise i'm starving..
*goes off to fix breakfast..*

Sue said...

Rimi -- ;) In spades, woman, in spades. Send me saree pics.

Sraikh -- LOL! I used to do BJs pre-Vicky, when I was still the dominant partner. Anyway, it takes more than a birthday to get a BJ out of me.

Don't worry about the allergy post, I was kidding.

MayG -- Aww. So she looks like an angel and behaves like one too...

dipali said...

Proud of you, young Sue. For the self control.

Sue said...

Dipali -- Thanks. In this case virtue was its own award. :)

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Happy b'day Vicky. How obviously had a rocking birthday! May the year get better and the good sense of course!

Now Sue, if you consider 32 geriatric, then you may address me as Dida.

Work it, little one! You've got a height and figure to kill for!

Ritu said...

You are very sexy looking. BTW at 32 a man is reaching his prime - and at 40 he's a tiger! ;)

Monika,Ansh said...

Happy birthday to your boy.

& lol abt the last bit. lucky u. :)

Mama - Mia said...

happy birthday to V!


first the waist, then the legs!! you just like us to make me, a box like / ball like woman feeling all miserable!!

hate you! hrrmmppff!



DotThoughts said...

Happy Budday, V!

Rohini said...

Ooh la la. The legs are endless and awesome!

Sue said...

M4 -- If you call me little one you're definitely being called Dida. Or perhaps Mashima, LOL!

Ritu -- Really? This I have see. :)

Monika -- Thanks.

Abha -- If I had your smile babe, I wouldn't need to ever dress up again. So I guess we're fairly evenly balanced.

Dottie -- Thanks, love.

Ro -- Yeah, look who's talking.