Sunday, September 21, 2008


This time next week the boy will be a Boy. A two year old Boy. E missed all this. She saw him for a brief day and a half -- I'm so glad I took the trouble to go meet her -- and Beq saw him for only a little bit longer.

If you wake me up in the middle of the night and ask me if I liked growing up in several cities, I'd say, yes, I did. I liked how it shattered my otherwise insular self. I like how it keeps me from really becoming a frog in a well. I like how I feel half Telugu (and these days, a very teeny part Tam, mainly for the food!)

But the problem is, when your home is spread across the country, then your friends and you have to live apart. So Beq's in Landour -- blast you, Beqesh (don't forget to drop a postcard off at Bond's with my love and wishes he gets well soon) -- and E is in NY. I admire her determination, envy her freedom and miss her, but mostly I miss her. In our own ways we are are also growing up still, and we are growing in different directions. It would be nice to see her more often.

I don't really want to do this post right now. Maybe another time.


E said...

Growing in different directions, but not going away.The other day, i was thinking- "Who can i truly run to when I want to hide from the world, who will be there for me?" A name sprang up immediately....sadly, no prizes for guessing !!!:)
And I hope to be there for you too, maybe not physically at this point in our lives.

Sue said...

E -- :) And when I leave husband and son, who will I run to? So make your fortune quick, and you can be my millionaire. Who needs the men...