Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Take a look at this pic, now.

See, this is my gorgeous gharchola. In firozi and rani pink. With a turquoise blue petticoat stitched by my own self (cut by the Ma's self) with a deep, matching lace border. With thread-bound bangles in the same perfect tones of pink and blue. With a white linen hanky with matching blue lace. I'm wearing a little string of uncut turquoises from Badrinath and perfectly matching pink dangly earrings.

The blouse is badly stitched but I managed to rectify the shape to some extent. All string-backed and so on.

Rahul pulled at the pallu and tore the safety-pinned place at my shoulder so I cried for an hour that night and complained to whoever would listen (which was basically nobody).

Anyway, so the other day I was at the Industree sale and I saw the perfect thread anklets in rani pink and firozi. :) The rest, as they say, is history.

Am trying to work up the will to give them away. They are very pretty, with little bells on, but they may be a bit much, even for me.

Anyway, while you all frown at me, here's something to make you feel a little better:

That's no walking stick. It's actually a dinky affair that makes a sound like a whistle when you rotate it. But it's a good pose, no?

And here is (a portion of) something else that I bought at the sale:

This was bought for a little boy who can say aaatiii ("haati" with a soft t is Bengali for elephant) and paapi ("paakhi" is Bengali for bird) and has been saying kukku since March ("kukoor" is Bengali for dog). He can also say many other things but mostly chooses not to. Like baadoor ("baNdor" is Bengali for monkey, although I should admit "badoor" is Bengali for bat).


GettingThereNow said...

LUVVLY gharchola! I can see why you would be so upset at having it torn.

And lovely pic of the father with his son. Grand, I must say!

I have been meaning to ask something - I grew up with this being drummed into me: Bengali means a person from bengal and the language that begalis speak is bangla. I have never seen you, or others, differentiat bengali from bangla. So all that was drummed into my head was "bhus"*? (*Hay)


aargee said...

hey! you look so beautiful....great snap. Nice colours! Both snaps are cute.

Mona said...

such a pretty gharchola (kind of saree, i assume?) :) and that is a great pose!
lovely pics, sue

mayG - /meɪ̯ - ʤi/ said...

yummy sari sue! :D

Collection Of Stars said...

Hey, you are looking so pretty in the saree :)
Rahul is also in traditional attire right?
The pic of father and son is also equally grand.

D said...

Oh, I love gharcholas... they're so traditionally rich!

~nm said...

You are looking just so gorgeous!

And I know that flute stick thingy! I bought it too about 9-10 years ago at Dilli Haat!

And yes the pose is just so right :)

Anonymous said...

I want one, the same colour please ... where do I get it?

artnavy said...

u look so sweet (and grown up)!!

p@tr!(k said...

and you are still married right? :) because i'm not and that gharchola and the colours are doing strange things in my head right now so i shall write no further....right!

Grafxgurl said...

oh you look so pretty!!!oooooh i miss cal!!!! both of you look good~!! actually your hubby looks better without his glasses.
sigh. i hate my glasses.

IBH said...

look at u- fishing for compliments :)....

u look lovely..be it the previous depressed-look or this lovely indian look :)
and the center of attraction is not u though :) the little hero sitting right next to u :)*kaala tikka*

DotThoughts said...

I LOVE the gharchola. lovely combo. and yes, I think the anklets might be a bit much with the gharchola atleast :) I want a gharchola now. The biys looks very dashing in their pics. bless you all *wards off all evil eyes*

Nat said...

lookin good all of you!

Subhashree said...

Beautiful picture. You look gorgeous and look at the Bhablet all sweet right next to mamma. The hanging is very beautiful, I have a pair of birds strung together like this one. And I think it is a very beautiful decoration to a doorway :)

Mama - Mia said...

sue you looks bas gorgeous!! and the hubby and babhlet very cool and dapper!! :)

pity the saree got torn!! does it have hope of getting rafoo done or something?



Mystic Margarita said...

What a beautiful saree, Sue! Love the combo - and you look gorgeous as usual! :)

eve's lungs said...

Gosh dont you guys look spiffy - the sari looks even better worn and Vicky looks rather patriarch-y with the stick and pose !

Beq said...

Your hair your hair!!! Why have you done that thing to it???

Beq said...

Oh and I'm the 72,186th visitor to your blog since my birthday last year!!! The sari IS great though.

Sue said...

Cee -- Bangla is just the Bengali word for Bengali. In other words, Bengali is the English word for Bangla. So it wasn't bhus as such, just half information!

Aargee -- Thanks! Did I ever send you the pics from B'lore?

Mona -- Yeah, it's a special kind of work that's Gujrati (?) It's basically all these little zari squares worked into the weave. Help me out here, MM!

This particular saree is a bandhni-gharchola combo.

MayG -- I know!

CoS -- Yeah, he's wearing a kurta I got stitched last month from a cut piece bought on sale from Mrignayani. Such lovely, soft cotton.

D -- I know!

NM -- Isn't the flute thingie fun? I wish I knew what to call it, though.

Ritu -- Meena Bazar, Delhi. I bought from some Gurgaon mall outlet. They had more in the same colours, but this was over three years ago. :)

Art -- Hmmm... I'm not sure that's a compliment. What do I look like in jeans? A child? Wait, no, don't answer that!

Patrick -- Yep, still married. And you still owe me a drink. :) I shall wear other colours, not to worry.

Grafx -- He wore his contacts to the beach last Sunday and got a grain of sand underneath one that gave him corneal ulcers. :( I love the contacts too but they need such care. *sigh*

IBH -- :) Actually, the point of the post was the anklets, which luckily most ppl passed over! Hey, you leave K with grandparents and enjoy the weekend. Husbands need some time too! (Says she who ignored hers all afternoon.)

Dot -- LOL, yeah, I thought so too. But who will want a pair of firozi and rani pink anklets, you tell me!

Nat -- Thanks. :)

Subha -- I love them too! I wanted to get more while the sale was on, but I guess I've spent enough this summer. *sigh*

Abha -- Yeah, it can be darned, but that's not the point. The point is that he owes me so many sarees. (I dare not make this point in front of Ma though.)

Rita -- Talking of gorgeous, whose picture are you using for your Gmail account? My eyes nearly popped out of my head. That you???

Mallika -- ;)

Beqwa -- Arre baba, it doesn't look so bad... it'll grow or I may chop it all off before that. And you're a fine one to talk anyway.

Come to Cal then you can be the whatevereth visitor to my house.

GettingThereNow said...

Yep - gharchola is what gujratis traditionally wear on special occasions. MOL had one made specially for me for my wedding and we are supposed to wear it for all special functions like kids' mundan, weddings in the family etc. Dunno if it is my MOL's way of saving on expensive clothes that we would otherwise buy for each function or if it really is a tradition :P I personally find the thought of having to wear the same sari for ALL functions in my married life VERY disturbing. They mean to say I can't show off new clothes now?????