Sunday, August 03, 2008

Have you folks seen the date? It's nearly two weeks since my last post.

Oh well, I've been so busy. (I typed 'busty' but that was a typo. Heh. Freudian?) After we returned to Madras from Bangalore we spent a busy week running to the tailor (for blouses I'm now sitting and re-shaping, thank you very much), buying last minute stuff, packing, eating out. My brother arrived for an indefinite stay and that was one more thing.

I don't know how long he'll stay but this time, I hope he does, for a bit. Ma and Baba would like that, I think. After a long time, it felt right.

To think I had gone to MDR with two bags, one of which was mainly filled with gifts, and came back with both bags stuffed to bursting point and a suitcase besides! I don't know what it is that added to the luggage. A few clothes perhaps. The DVD player was a biggie since I brought it in its original packing. A few odds and ends, really. A pen or two, some of that hot chocolate from French Loaf, thass it. I still have no idea how the luggage expanded.

Anyway, so we travelled back in style, in a Jet Airways flight, since the fares came to the same as a budget flight. And I'd forgotten what it was like to travel like that! Seats that are actually comfy. Wet towels, actual towels, a constant supply of (good) food, extremely helpful service and hey, the seat next to me was empty, so Rahul wasn't stuck on me all the 1600 odd kilometres back home. And blankets and little pillows and what have you. Excuse my rhapsodies. I've been away from civilised flying for a really long time now.

All the way to Cal I was grinning to myself, looking forward to meeting that eejit I married. It was a touching reunion. I mean, we actually hugged before I went back to get the luggage from the carousel. And V -- I still have problems assimilating this -- had cooked for us, cleaned the floors and even changed the linen. If you're still standing allow me to add this: the man had shaved!

See? I have always suspected he loves me a little.

Anyway, what with the hot sex and the wedding receptions (three in six days this week) and the colds (Rahul came from Madras with one and V picked it up from him for a couple of days) and the general cleaning (I had the surfaces wiped and the unpacking done in twelve hours flat and that includes sleep time. Since then I've been washing everything in sight, all curtains included and sending things to be ironed) and the dining table business, we've been quite busy. I cooked one day, and managed to mess up a stew so have stuck to sandwiches and fried sausages with bread, anyway we've been eating out a lot.

The dining table deserves a paragraph to itself. We bought it at Homeland and exchanged my rickety old Gautier writing desk for Rs. 4,000 off. It's a simple six seater and cost us Rs. 16,000 in cash, so we're quite satisfied. Nice, clean lines and it feels so good to have a place to eat together, to offload shopping on, to generally admire. Even if we had to hound the shop for three weeks for delivery (six weeks after we made the booking!)

I got this far and then never posted it. Today's the 10th of August. I'm getting this post off and not bothering to catch up on the 'news'. I couldn't bring myself to blog just because of all the happenings I'd have to catch up on!


Mama - Mia said...

the man is for keeps woman!! but then you know that already, dontcha?!

yeah! we woman are somehow always right! :p

and all that shopping!! why did you pick up a DVD player from mdr?!

and you got FOOD on flight?? wowwee!! i dont even remember whats that like!!

quite an update that, Sue!



Sue said...

Abha -- The DVD player was a gift from my father, that's why I had to carry it. I'm glad I brought the packing, cos I've managed to make a player holder of sorts using the thermocol bits. Saves a lot of space!