Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Farewell, Some Love And A Realisation

In that order?

1. Rimi left, in the middle of this week. She left the city she's infested these twenty odd years and flew away across the continents. In the way of all students, bless her.

2. I went to watch Tin Can's Onko this evening (with Dipali and the SRE) and came home to find that Vicky had made dinner. Luchi-begun bhaja. A very Bengali meal of fried and puffed breads with fried aubergines and a favourite of ours. He's not that bad, as husbands go, I guess.

3. Watching the performers on stage, so many of them just a couple of years out of school, if that, I had this vision of The Bhablet wearing his first suit. It's a good thing that's so far away, but it's a thought. I suppose he'll look pretty handsome in it. Both the Roys and the Niyogys carry the suited look rather well and there's no reason to think he'll be an exception. But, you know, my little boy. In a grown up suit. Grinning at the girls. Where did the time fly?

Then I came back to earth with a bump. He is not even two yet (back off, there's a month to the birthday!) and in the meantime there was luchi-begun bhaja for dinner.


dipali said...

I'm so glad you went home to a good dinner after all the drama that evening! I can see the young Bhablet looking very handsome in a suit:)

Sue said...

Dipali -- I hope you guys enjoyed the movie. Oh and I forgot to mention, nobody at CNN has heard of him!

Mama - Mia said...

all the fried baingan making my mouth water!

so does Bhablet in suit! :p



Sue said...

Abha -- :) Well, he may just grow up ugly. One cannot tell. My brother was better-looking than Rahul, definitely as a baby and as a toddler but he did NOT live up to this promise.

eve's lungs said...

Srin & Tani are very sure that he'll grow up into an extraordinarily handsome young man . I think he has the makings of it :)

Sue said...

Sue -- :) I hope so, myself.