Wednesday, July 23, 2008

[Yet Another] Bangalore Adventure

So we went to Bangalore, The Bhablet and I, to meet the bloggers there. Poppin's Mom arranged a biggie blog meet and convinced me that we shouldn't miss it. Well, it's not as if I need an excuse to visit B'lore really, so on the 12th, the Saturday, Rahul and I were up early to catch the Shatabdi. Which really is a very comfortable train. Since we travelled by the chair car I should have booked another seat for him, but it didn't strike me and so he spent the journey on me. Mind you, these railway coaches have way more legroom than the airlines. Anyway, so we arrived at Bangalore right on time, and Poppy's driver came by to pick us up. The royal treatment, you see.

That's us waiting. I'm the one behind the camera, in case you missed me. Just to get an idea of perspective, the thingie on which he is sitting is roughly 6" high.

So we rolled into Poppy's, bathed and freshened up. R lunched happily off some idlies seated in Poppin's highchair. Afterwards the kids went off to play. Meeting Poppin was probably as much of an experience as it was to meet her parents. Because her photos, lovely as they usually are, do not capture the mischief inherent in the sweet face. Also because she brought out a very rare side of The Bhablet -- his hidden gentleness. He was totally taken by this Didi and kept calling out to me to come admire her; she in turn was showing him her toys and playing him music and so on. In a few months she'll be a Big Sis in earnest and I think she'll do a fantastic job of it.

Oh and her mum was glowing -- I think it's a girl, darn -- and lots of fun and blah blah but she was just what I expected, so it feels slightly strange to write about meeting her. I mean, do I write about how I feel when I meet any other old friends of mine? I had to remind myself that this was the first time we'd met. Ever.

Post lunch some of the ladies started rolling in. D of the justly famed bum, Tara the trigger-happy, Aargee the candid camera stalker, Collection of Stars -- and of course, the kids! D and Tara brought the older ones, each, Aargee came without and CoD brought KT of the lovely hair.

No, that's not her. That's Cubby, the nearly one year old Mama Mia writes about. He was one dauntless laddie. While all the other, mainly older, kids were running around, he set his sights on one target or another and followed through with a determination that should have got him better rewards. Him I liked and his father reminded me of V: watching him play with Cubby and also the other kids made me miss V a little. Just a little.

Rahul, to my utter lack of suprise, made himself right at home. He was excited enough to find himself amongst so many other kids and only a little disappointed that they didn't seem to enjoy his ideas of play -- poking fingers into eyes, for instance. Or running around screaming just because. Poor Winkie suffered the most, right from Rahul insisting on hugging him and refusing to let go to Rahul being convinced that Winkie was walking off with his (Rahul's) toys to Rahul refusing to share one particlarly enticing aeroplane. For the first time in my young life, I began to see, albeit dimly, that being older is not all fun and games.

We eventually moved the party out of the rooftop community hall where Poppy had arranged it. By then we'd worked our way through some of the food and the kids were getting fairly boisterous, so the rooftop mini garden and play area with swings and slide was a perfect transition. Also, there was a great breeze. We played there for a nice long time. Rahul baptised himself with the gravel, started some scary-looking rash, threw some tantrums because he hadn't had his afternoon nap. He seemed to have a good time, all said.
Other mothers turned up -- aka Monica with the Youngest Member (of the party, at 9 m), Noodlehead and BonBon (dressed in perfectly coordinated pinks!), Swati with entire family in tow.
Us mothers hung out, chatted, tried to stop any potential felonies and took lots of photos. No, I'm not posting because of privacy issues. But here's a photo of us using child labour to help wind up at the end. And it's not even as if anybody asked him to clear up the balls either!

There are so many memories rushing back as I write this. The frog theme in Poppy's bathroom. The dress Poppins was wearing in the morning. D's laughter. Aargee grinning. The kids, the manic chillun. The three fathers chatting in their own group.

I'm writing in a hurry. You'll get diff prespectives here, here and here. It's the middle of the night and I got a date with the husband. G'night, all.


Mona said...

oo, date night? so you're back home then?

welcome back!

i love the picture of r, sitting on that yellow thing. sue, he's such a cutie.

Anonymous said...

I'm making it a habit of missing all the B'lore meets!

Mama - Mia said...


verry nice update! afta asking everyone whose butt can be shown, whose cant be, we just have kiddie photos!! :D

and i am not complaining! thanx for dedicating a whole para to Cubby and his dad and one word to the mother!! ;)

seriously, a lovely post!! i thought it was neva gonna come!



Vidooshak said...

My my, these blogging moms are such fun, one needs extra hours in the day just to wade through them all. Er.. the blogs, I mean. This was yet another fantastic perspective on a fantastic afternoon, that I was privileged to be a part of. Look forward to more meets and more hubbies at those meets. I admire Vijay and Sunita's comfort in hosting 10 tornadoes in their quaint apartment--- doubt if i have the courage!!

See you again, soon, Bhablet. You were a cutie!

Collection Of Stars said...

It was great meeting you :)

Poppins said...

LOL, you said it. I havent written abt the meet yet because what do you right about meeting people you already know. That's how it felt meeting you and T and Angie and D..

Poppins said...

what do you write.. not what do you right. Aaargh. Ofcourse I'm also lazy.

Sparx said...

Oh, so good that you all meet up... and the Bhablet looks so sweet and lovely sitting by the luggage, he's so big now!

D said...

More blog meets to make me jealous of!

Orchid said...

...hmmm this is the one I missed :(
next time, definitely!