Friday, July 04, 2008

So, still in Madras (and loving it)

Barapishi's mother-in-law passed away yesterday and Baba's gone to Cal for the cremation. The families go back a long way, considering my aunt and uncle dated since junior school.

Vicky shopped for Groceries at Spencers on his own. I think that deserves some serious appreciation. And compared diaper prices. I don't think he realises how strongly that floats my boat, but it does, so Joe, keep it up.

Um. Not the way that came out, but that also.

Dinner tonight was at Mainland China with Srinivas, Madhavi and her niece Rajni (who The Bhablet fell for, albeit in a quieter sort of way than usual.) Food was very good, service was pretty decent, not to mention child-friendly and The Bhablet was hyper. Oh well, three out of four ain't bad.

Potty training is going well-ish. I mean, it's easier to be a more dedicated trainer here than at Cal, and Rahul is being more coperative of late, although one must admit there was plenty of room for improvement, so really, am not sure the little bit of coperation is enough to call for a band-party.

I feel awfully cheated, while we're on the subject, that V and I were married off withOUT a band-party. I don't feel properly married.

Good night, folks.


dipali said...

Seriously impressed with Vicky!
Chennai's Mainland China was our favourite haunt! We've even been the first customers, on more than one occasion:)
We didn't have any band baaja at our wedding, and I feel quite properly(and improperly, on occasion)
and thoroughly married!

Sue said...

Dipali -- Typo there. I feel cheated because we DIDN'T have a band-party. I was willing to overlook him coming in a car instead of a horse, but no band-party? What kind of a shaadi was that anyway?

dipali said...

You weren't planning to marry the band leader anyway, were you , Sue?

We a)got married in the daytime
b)I hated the typical 'horsing'
or rather 'mare-ing' business, as well as the band baaja and dancing on the street. Fortunately, so did the man. I'm more chilled out now, then- will dance on the street with the best of 'em:)

DesiGirl said...

Ooh I love Mainland China too, mainly for its super childfriendly staff. They insisted I let P run amok and that they will keep an eye on them. As I did not want that to become a habit, I had to politely refuse. But grub's good too eh?

And wot are you moaning abt - no band baaja? I got married without any sort of ring deal. I got HIM the ring - a solitaire no less - and am still waiting for mine. hmph! does that make me improperly married too?? oooh i laike!