Thursday, July 10, 2008

Older and Wiser

Well, older at any rate. I turned 26 on Tuesday i.e. the 8th. Celebrated with lunch at Oxford with Ravi. Ravi, bless him, did not remember, which was OK, and innocently asked me at some point in the conversation when my birthday was. Heh. Anyway, what with the resultant guilt and everything, he bought me lotsa books. Pamuk's Snow and The Black Book, Rimidi's City of Love, Susanne Clarke's The Ladies of Grace Adieu and Other Stories and Ishiguro's A Pale View of The Hills.

It was nice meeting him, but it brought home to me that time's not standing still. Life's moving on, for both of us, and we're both trying to make sense of it, true, but one tends to fall into the rut of thinking one's friends will be replaced in their wrappers and put back on the shelf, stopped at the point one met them last, until the next meeting. Which doesn't happen, does it?

We had an enormous lunch and then I persuaded him to drop in and meet The Bhablet. Rahul was most excited to see him and ran around, displaying his toys, throwing mini tantrums and chatting away in Babble while Ravi sat around with a bemused smile on his face.

In the evening we went out, first to the tailor at Fountain Plaza to pick up my saree blouses (which were OK, not brilliant but they'll do to cover my back) and then to dinner at Tangerine, Alwarpet. Mini lamb cutlets and steamed wantons for starters, some iced tea which was mostly slurped up by The Bhablet, a veggie salad with a yoghurt dressing for main course. Because I badly needed to offset the ham pate and cheese sandwiches I had for lunch. Besides, now that I'm all grown up, I need to eat more veggies. No?

If it makes you feel any better, I did pick out all the capsicum slices from my salad.

Went to French Loaf for dessert but by then The Bhablet was a tired, cranky mess, so I picked up my hot chocolate (this one's to die for, I promise you, although if heaven doesn't have this, I'm not going) and the free choc and bundled us into the car and just came home.

It was a very nice day despite the ending fiasco.

He tossed and turned all night so neither of us got much sleep and we slept most of yesterday. Went out for an hour in the rain -- the moonsoon's finally reached Madras -- and picked up some curtains from that export reject place on Cathedral Road. Got a pair of plain, door-length cream curtains for the workspace, hopefully they'll work with the other curtains we've got; and a cherry red door-lenth one for our bedroom door. Since the door doesn't lock properly, this will give us some privacy when the bell rings. Three for Rs. 750 so I suppose I shouldn't complain.

It's Thursday today and Anindyakaku (Giga's husband) is in town for the night, en route Madurai. Rahul's playing with him now as I type.

The last weekend was great fun too. Met Nunu and Co. once more on Sunday afternoon. We planned to catch a movie but Sathyam was all sold out, even the English movies, and so was Inox, so we wandered around Citi Centre instead. Picked up some t-shirts at Lifestyle for Dada, and some baby stuff because they reminded me of good ol' days.

It's nice being at the baperbari. Wish V could visit too.


WaitingforSunshine said...

Belate Happy Budday Sue :)

D said...

Belated Happy Birthday Sue!
Your birthday sounds quite delicious, going by all that you savoured that day!

Mama - Mia said...

belated Happy Birthday!!

wishing you a super year ahead!


rg131729 said...

Wasn't A Pale View of Hills fantastic? I loved that book when I read it.

Grafxgurl said...

oh i loved going to Tangerine when i lived in Chennai!! i had my first Death by Chocolate there!