Thursday, July 03, 2008

Madras So Far

Hullo all.

So I'm at Madras at last. Been here since Sunday. Hit town, drove straight to the club where Rahul rolled, literally rolled in dirt. The Gymkhana club has a nice little play area with swings and teeter-totters his size, such a rarity. Luckily, we'd both snatched an hour's sleep in the aircraft.

Lazed around at home rest of day, guests popped in, Neri with parents and grandparents. She and Rahul squabbled fiercely, for all that she's two years older. Ah well.

Monday night we ate at Cream Central. Great food, really good food and value for money, but I didn't like the manager's behaviour. On the other hand, the servers were all very nice. I recommend their preset meal, the alu parathas and the pasta on pasta thing I had.

Last night we ate at home, after an hour or so at Fountain Plaza. I really have to get to know this area. Right now all I know is the Nungambakkam High Road bit, but I would like to know Egmore better, for one thing.

Today was the parents' anniversary, and I think they had a nice one. We had a fantastic dinner at Bella Ciao, opp Landmark on Nungambakkam High Road. The pasta was simply superb, esp the fettucine with brocolli and cheese. The sheer butteriness of the dish was awesome. The tuna thing was also good (but not as good) and the gnocci with tomato and basil very yummy. The profiteroles were a bit disappointing, but hey, they're the ones who set the standards. The place was empty, so The Bhablet had a grand old time running around and generally making a nuisance of himself.

Lost my temper with the brat this afternoon and got a quiet talking to from the mother. Well-deserved, I'll admit. She -- they -- insist that I make allowances for the adjustments the boy makes, in being away from his beloved father, in adjusting to routines in a new household. Maybe they are right. Maybe it's tough for a high maintenance woman to handle a higher maintenance child. Maybe, I don't know, maybe I need to smack myself instead of him. He does so much, I keep expecting more. And my mother keeps telling me to slow down.

Went swimming today, but it wasn't a success just Rahul and me. For the first time in a very long time, he decided he was scared of the water. I guess it's easier with lots of people, not to mention Dadda in the pool.

I've written before about Rahul's attachment to his grandfathers. It's so marked now. He likes his grandmothers, loves them even, but his relationship with his grandfathers (and theirs with him) are on a different plane altogether. It's like some crazy male bonding that they do, some weird unspoken understanding that they have, that allows my father and father in law to confidently say, "Oh he'd never do that." and to actually not have the brat do whatever it is that he'd have done if it had been me sounding so cocky.

There's such trust, such faith he shows in his grandfathers, it makes me miss Dadu. And then I know why I stay away from my own home and husband for four long weeks, why I couldn't carry the grudges against V's parents for ever -- you cannot deny your child the security, the love that you recognise only too well. You cannot deny him what you gloried in, in your own time. At least, I can't.


dipali said...

I never had that kind of relationship with any of my grandparents as a child, but had a terrific bond with my paternal grandpa as an adult when I was working in his town and would meet him every weekend. My dad's elder sister and her husband represented family bonds and security and heritage- they were a big part of our lives, as was my father's maternal uncle, who was one of the most encouraging people around.
I'm glad the Bhablet has these wonderful relationships to enrich his life. And it is so mutual- he enriches all the lives he touches:)

vicky said...

So you're lying around and stuffing yourself!
While I work and cook and clean and go pay the electricity bill before 8 in the morning...

D said...

I think little boys prefer the company of men better. My nephew will hug and kiss my husband but refuses to even give me a peck on the cheek. And he bonds beautifully with his grandad.

DesiGirl said...

Bella Ciao! Ah brings back memories. The first place where hubby and I wen t on our date - and he hated italian food then!! good times.

Take the Bhablet to Fruit Shop - you have the original one on Greams Road real close. It is fab.

I miss Egmore - haven't been around that area in years. My college is there and I feel bad that I haven't been back since I got hitched. tsk tsk!

Mama - Mia said...


kotsa good food and great family time!!

perfect vacation! :)



Sue said...

Dipali -- :) Thank you, on his healf, Dipali dida.

Vicky -- Shhh... bolte nei. Remember the shine?

D -- Wee MCPs. The P obviously for Piglet.

Deej -- What, you're Ethiraj material? I nearly joined. Funny, never been to Fruit Shop somehow. Must go.

Abha -- Hi there. Looking forward to meeting you. :)