Sunday, July 06, 2008

Good Touch

Nunu (and Akhi, and Nunulet and Sasha and Simba Singhs) came over this evening. An unexpectedly beautiful thing happened. Avi Singh (aka Nunulet) was placed on some pillows on the floor while us grownups (Ma, me and the two Singhs) had dinner. He whined though, not happy at being thus dismissed. While this happened, for a full five minutes, The Bhablet gently patted him on the head. I'm not talking about him trying to distract the kiddy with his toys, or talking to him, trying to distract him (in Babble, if you please, no wonder Avi refused to respond!) -- I'm talking of my boisterous and careless little 21 month old gently patting a younger child on the head.

When he was born, and afterwards, I've always somewhat resented any likenesses anybody found in him to his paternal grandmother. Because I didn't like her and didn't want to think my son would be anything like her , in any way at all. I stopped thinking that way some time ago, but today I found a likeness myself and actually liked it. Way back last year when I had my wrist operated upon, I was lying in bed in the post-operative haze, wishing I could just die and end my misery, when V's parents came to visit. I vaguely remember they spoke a little and left. In between, his mother placed a hand on my forehead, soothing it, for a moment or two and told me that I would be well soon.

It was such a nice, cool, comforting touch. Add to the fact that this was probably the first time in a year that she voluntarily touched me. Anyway, it meant a lot and I hope I never forget how it felt, a soft, cool hand on my brow when I was feeling the worst.

And this evening, I saw her grandson trying out the same thing. We'll make a Niyogy of him yet.

Speaking of the Niyogys, V had a rough day. Went over for the cremation this morning. In the afternoon an aunt of his passed away. So he spent the evening in another crematorium. Times like these, I wish I were in Cal. The man comes home and eats bread. OK, it's quite likely I would've been exhausted with all the stuff all day and we might still have dined off bread, but hey, he wouldn't be doing it alone.

Oh well.


Mona said...

sue, i'm sorry for vicky's losses.

vicky said...

Oh don't worry, it was tasty bread.
In any case, I was too tired to eat anything else.

Monika&Ansh said...

Bhabhlet sounds so cute patting the baby's head. Ever thought of a brother or sister for him?

Anonymous said...

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karmickids said...

Soooo cute. Isnt he a big boy now?
BTW, never had the patting of the head from the MIL too. Prolly thinks I'm leprous.