Monday, June 09, 2008

Three Things I Have to Say:

1. Am in Madras, will be here till Tuesday evening, so am not checking my mail very frequently. Kindly adjust.

2. Facebook says I should not date Scorpios. Right. I only marry them.

3. Facebook also says that I'm Samantha, not Carrie. I checked the pie chart afterwards and was reassured to note that I'm almost equal parts Carrie and Samantha, and the balance probably tipped over on the Sam side because of my answer to the question of the guy in the bar. Oh well, at least I'm fairly sure it's the slutty side that keeps the husband happy so why bother chopping and changing now? Even if I oughtn't be dating Scorpios?


Mona said...

i just posted a comment for you on lav's blog :/
why indeed though?
have fun in madras!

DotThoughts said...

send me the SATC thingy. I want to know who I am..prolly Miranda!

Poppins said...

I knew you'd be Sam. Me, I'm Carrie !

DesiGirl said...

er, rabbits? beaches? and not samantha? fah!

i am charlotte, btw!! bwahahahaha!!!

DesiGirl said...

oh forgot to add, enjoy my town :D

First Rain said...

I want to confess that I like SATC - the series - haven't managed to catch the movie yet - I find it quite witty quite often.

D said...

Marriage has a way of finding people of two incompatible sun signs. This Arien found a match in a Piscean - just the match that's never meant to be!

Sue said...

Mon -- ??

Dottie -- So who were you?

Poppy -- Arrey, you calling me a slut lady? Mind you, Sam's the one with the edible boyfriend.

Deej -- The only Charlotte thing about you, my dear porn star, is the mush you've been forwarding!

First Rain -- What's to confess? We're all fans here!

D -- Really? How cute. But you have to also consider ascendents and stuff you know. Perhaps you guys match there. Anyway, Cancer-Scorpios are supposed to be one of the best matches in the zodiac. Yeah right.