Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Happy Fathers' Day

to all you fathers-that-are and fathers-in-waiting.

To my own father, flying between continents, even though you've refused to get me anything from Vienna and got me nothing from Tokyo last week. I cannot get you on the phone right now, but I hope you are happy and relaxed as I write this.

To the father I have at home here who refused to take his son for a haircut because he didn't think the barbarshop full of other fathers would be able to handle his Bhablet while V had his own hair cut. I don't know what your son will give you -- he started the morning with some smelly potty and a big grin -- but I hope you like it.


Mystic Margarita said...

Happy Fathers' Day, Sue. Hope both your dad and Bhablet's dad have a lovely day! :)

dipali said...

Smelly potty- Ha!

DotThoughts said...

cute, cute pics :)

Grafxgurl said...

oh my gosh! you chopped off your hair!??!!
the baby is so sweet! he looks a bit smaller in this pic than the others though..

Sue said...

Mystic -- Baba was in Doha getting annoyed because Ma was punning on 'Doha' over the ISD. Next day we caught up. Vicky was given a whole day of uninterrupted parenting because it was Fathers' Day na? I didn't want to step in the middle!

Dipali -- :) He was in a lovely, nice temper all day. V, I mean.

Dottie -- Thanks. I love the second one. One of the best I took. And I think the first is one of the best Vicky ever took.

Grafx -- LOL! No, this photo was taken exactly four years ago in Vizag. And the other one was taken when Rahul, as a three month old baby met his father in Madras after six weeks apart. They took up right where they'd left off. I was amazed. Shouldn't have been, I suppose.