Friday, May 02, 2008

Just-above-knee, chocolate brown corduroy skirt, demure green (but well-fitting) Polo t-shirt. Pretty silver earrings. Loose hair. Sexy bag. Nothing remotely suitable for feet though.


Anonymous said...

everything else makes up for it though!

Anonymous said...

Barefoot. So when you dance under the summer sprinklers your shoes don't get ruined.

Null Pointer

dipali said...

Barefoot in the Park sounds good. You sound like a pretty tree, Sue, all green and brown:)

rayshma said...

good occasion to shop for footwear, eh?

Sue said...

Chandi -- :) I wore tatty old floaters.

NullP -- I work at night... no sprinklers around. Sigh.

Dipali -- Thanks, Dipali!

Rayshma -- Yes!