Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Beauty Stuff

I'm a sucker for porcelain complexions and smooth hair and soft hands and feet. Because I happen not to have any of these things. My skin's, well, holding all of me in, and my hair's, well, it's on my head, thankfully, and my hands and feet work very hard and get nothing in return.

Ten days ago, I was chatting with my mum on the phone and I was pretty stressed out and close to tears so she asked me to visit a parlour for whatever I wanted, and she'd pay. This, from a woman who's only entered a beauty parlour once that I can remember. Anyway, so yesterday I finally managed to go. Went to a Chinese affair that's very close to the Lake Gardens rail crossing, called Kim Lee. Or Kim Jong. Or Kim Wah. Something like that.

Went for a shampoo and a pedicure, but they were pretty crowded and I needed to leave in a bit for work so I settled for a shampoo only. They washed my hair with L'oreal shampoo. And that's the best you can say about that. The handling was rough, the woman asked me afterwards if I wanted it dried (wtf?) and then just went to work with a blowdrier. Just a blowdrier. Nearly tore off chunks of hair because she used no conditioner. When I asked about that, another girl came over, touched my hair and said it wasn't dry enough for conditioning. Where did she learn that?

Whatever, tried to gently comb out tangles while the drying was going on. Came away with rough straw where I used to have a scalpful of hair. I do a darn better job at home. And to think I coughed up Rs. 150 for that! No conditioning, no setting, no nothing. Am never going back there and am seriously considering sticking to only the upmarket parlours in the future. Am no parlour person really so I don't know where the best places are around home.

Anyway, what with one thing and another, I gave myself one of my biennial pedicures tonight so my feet feel all nice and soft and look pretty. They are still cracked underneath but who's looking?

So am feeling pretty good about myself right now. My hands are a mess, but no point doing them up, really. No polish will last. But tmrw I'm going to work in pretty skirts that point out my feet, yay!


Opaline said...

Shouldn't expect more from a parar seloon. I cut my hair there but I'm considering moving somewhere better. Theres a swish looking parlour in South City, if you're interested.

Sue said...

Srin -- Had thought of that first, actually. Thought to try out local stuff first. Mind you, I wouldn't have written the post were it not for the Rs. 150. That bloody hurt. Habib's charged me the same amount and I came away looking fab.

Grafxgurl said...

i KNOW what you mean.
for my wedding. in Cal. i went to a Chinese salon. NEVER AGAIN. i ended up doing my entire makeup ON MY OWN right there just because those girls didnt know what they were doing. and they curled my hair and in the end i looked like a 18th century chinese madame. so i got out and smoothed my hair out like i wanted. sigh. they really need to update their styling habits.
Years of that stuff has made me NOT trust beauty salons even here.. lol so each time i go to one here i am so skeptical.. even though they do a great job each time.. lol.
NICE footsies!!

Random Vignettes said...

Uh-huh am with you on sticking to upmarket parlours..will go once a year of necc and spend a fortune but will not succumb to the miserly thoughts that lead me to places like Kim jim or jo bhi..my hair is the way it is because of ppl like 'em!

~nm said...

Oh yeah..finding a decent parlour in this day and age is still such a task!!

The Marauder's Map said...

Try the Lakme salons, quite professional and clean, though I've never tried the Cal ones. Cal para parlours suck big time, and man, what attitude. Once we were in a hurry and at this totally sleazy looking place (only went there coz R's mashi took me) the girls were having a leisurely lunch and post-lunch adda. And when we asked them to hurry up, it was like 'dekhte pachhen na khachhi'? Sadly, I find that's the level of service in a lot of places in Cal.

Poo said...

God I think I have actually been to this monsterous and hideous parlor! Was taken there by a clueless cousin when I was in Cal on vacation!!!! It sucks big time! The local Lake garden type parlors suck I guess coz I went to another one where they almost impaled me with a hair brush!! shudder!!!

Poppins said...

*lightbulb goes off in the head*

Mona said...

agreed, upmarket salons only. hygiene is super important.
your feet look pretty.
i'm on a no-open-toed shoes strike in a bid to force myself to take better care of my feet.
so far, no luck.


my nails may not be done, but my feet are cleaner and softer than they used to be. maybe, just maybe, this no-open-toes-shoes-policy wasn't such a bad thing after all!

D said...

Oh oh! You need to visit some place better. Because there's nothing like someone else massaging your scalp gently and finally shampooing your hair, conditioning your hair, towel drying it before finally giving you the most beautifully unreal blow dried hair. And then you do come back feeling all good about yourself.

Monika said...

Hey Sue! Chanced upon your blog thru Nidhi's blog. Glad to meet a fellow city blogger.
I've had similar experiences like yours. More so coz I am from North Kolkata which has a dearth of all "good things".:(

March Hare said...

My parar parlour is not bad, though. It is called Be-Bonnie, and if you take a rickshaw (from lake gardens), you can actually be there in 15 minutes or less. 100 bucks for really nice shampoo. and, they are polite too.

have never had a haircut there. or pedicure. so can't really say about those.

Saya said...

I have a reverse story.. i always go to one lakme parlour coz i am so scared of other parlours.. But this sunday i went to this parlour near stella maris college.. very small.. very minimal.. but they did a fab pedicure..
I am Saya.. delurking for the second time.. i kinda come here often after reading the Rilla of ingleside mentioned in one post..

Shuki said...

Sunne. You don't go to dubious beauty parlors in Lake Gardens -- or anywhere else, for that matter. When it comes to beauty treatment, you rely on the big names. Even if they are ridiculously over-priced, at least you know that you are in safe hands (quite literally!). Besides, that's why we go to these parlors rather infrequently, right? It's a luxury (for me, at any rate...)

eve's lungs said...

Kim Ling charges Habib but is terrible. If you want homegrown go to Nita's down the road from AK Ghosh - if not, Sunflower behind Menoka movie hall.

Sue said...

Grafx -- Where was this? Sounds scary. I wasn't happy with the way Mapui's did my wedding hairdo either but I didn't have time to change. Oh well, at least I did have a veil, however thin it may have been.

RV -- Oh but I think you looked damn cute. :)

~nm -- Why, I wonder?

Marauder's Map -- Yes, I know what you mean. It annoys me on so many levels, including the one where I want to shake the idiots and ask them if they are not in need of money why do they waste good real estate setting up shop? I've found a Lakme on Lansdowne (East) so I'll give it a shot say around Christmas, if I feel so rich.

Poo -- Really? You have my sympathy. Evie points me to a decent parlour (her comment a little after yours). You know the best place in town? Head Turners, next to the Guru Saday Mainland China. And even they have folks who scalp you while trying to shampoo.

Poppy -- Eh?

Sue said...

Mona -- Oh closed shoes are better any day. I really need to go buy myself a pair. My heels cracked badly last winter and are taking forever to heal. I'm so lazy I don't ever moisturise or anything.

D -- I know! That's why I thought of a shampoo for a pickmeup. There's this L'Oreal place near my parents' home in Madras that gives fantastic shampoos. And great cuts. Prices are decent, normal upmarket prices.

Monika -- Hello! Same back to you. :) Where in the north are you from, then?

March Hare -- Be-Bonnie is a very familiar name. Where is it exactly, please?

Saya -- Hi there. Email me the details of the parlour? I go to a nice place in Madras for haircuts, but it's pretty expensive. Stella Maris is not that far from where my parents stay.

Shuki -- Oh yes, for me too, that's why I only went when the mother suggested it as a treat/timeout for a stressed out daughter. We should totally have a pedicure party I tell you! Dana's game. ;)

Evie -- Thank you, am filing away for future ref. In the meantime, am considering paying myself for a good shampoo. I could do with the 'income' and my head could use the pampering. :)

karmickids said...

Moisturex or Efaderm and socks every night on your feet girl.

You're just 26. If your feet are already cracked now, you got a chance in hell by the time you reach my age.

Get a parlour girl to come home someday and give you a good hair wash condition, facial and pedicure. And you can have the bhablet around, so its no stress, and works out cheaper.