Monday, May 12, 2008

Annoying Advertisements

Shopper's Stop:

Wear designer dress.
Distract poacher.
Save wildlife.

(Or something like that.) So now I know Shopper's Stop clothes are not for the thinking woman. Because nobody who can claim to be able to function intellectually would find the lines either funny or attractive.

Park Avenue Deodorant

Announce your arrival... from miles away

(Again, I think that's how the words go.) You know what that makes me think? That they are selling cheap, overstrong sprays. The kind that people like me turn their noses up at.



Poppins said...

LOL. Is that how the ad goes? And I shop at Shoppers stop all the time :(

Opaline said...

The second one sounds really unattractive, can't imagine something nice smelling announcing it's arrival from miles away.

Shoppers Stop has some really nice dresses despite the dumb ad.

Rimi said...

But they are crazy expensive. Blood suckers. I can have them made for MUCH less, if only my tailor would stop sniffing in disapproval when I mention scalloped necks of high side slits.

He's known me since I was three. I suppose that matters.

nomadz said...

yeah! there's another one...something with wear diamond, recycle and ex-boyfriend..dont remember the exact words.
and i was like whaaat?

moronic ads...if u ask me.

DotThoughts (the artist formerly known as DotMom) said...

I really don't like Shoppers. Overpriced clothes and a very average quality. Don't think any thinking people should shop there.

D said...

There have been worse ads. I still can't get over that Amul "Yeh toh kaisa toink hai" underwear ad!

--xh-- said...

there is one more - wear miniskirts, hitch hike, save petrol (or something like that)
i think park avenue now changed the line to be noticed or something like that...
some times, ads go really crazy...

Sue said...

Poppy -- Yes, and there are others equally annoying. I tell you, it puts me right off Shopper's Stop and yes, that's a pity.

Opaline -- Well, I like their stuff. But I'd hesitate to buy, if I think my money's going to create further ads like these!

Rimi -- Get an outside tailor to make something to your specs and give your usual tailor the outfit for measurements. Tell him you want exactly that. It may not work, but then again, it may.

Nomadz -- Oh, reading 'The Gardener's Song' has put me right off diamonds. But yeah, the ad's annoying anyway. Can't recall the words either. But here's one I really enjoyed. Amul, on the Bhajji-Sreesanth imbroglio:

"Pow Bajji. Amul: Slap it on."


Dottie -- Overpriced, yes. But fun to window shop. Finances recently came out of the red chez nous, but we're still not into the place where V and I are splurging on ourselves, so I take my window shopping as and when I get it. :)

D -- Yikes, that was terrible!

Xh -- I don't get it. Don't ad guys realise that with the great power they wield there comes great responsibility? Maybe they should all be sent to Uncle Ben for a crash course. I shudder to think of young girls thinking it's cool to dress in minis and try to hitch lifts. Some are actually dumb enough to do that.