Friday, March 14, 2008

On Scarlett Keeling

I'm sure I don't need to link to her murder and consequent media war.

I'm glad they've found the two men who have confessed.

And ever since the story broke, I've been wondering, what the fuck were the two adults thinking, leaving a fifteen year-old behind with a young, single man in Goa? Or anywhere, for that matter. Call me conservative, but it's not something I understand. nowhere in the world and by that I mean nowhere, would I be comfortable with that.

Letting your fifteen year old go for a night out on the town? Sure, so long as she carries a phone, you know who she's at least starting the night out with and you know (and she knows) when she'd better be back.

Letting her stay back in the hotel, hanging out with friends while you go off sightseeing for the day? OK, but I'd rather not really.

Letting her stay back in a party place with some young local while you're in a separate state???

And having said that, I will also say that no amount of public pillorying or even judicial punishment is necessary for a parent who loses a child thus. Who is told that her daughter had consumed cocaine, alcohol and E; was raped by two men on a public beach; and died lying there unconscious in the high tide. This is the sort of thing every parents lives in dread of hearing and once you've heard it, any other punishment is superfluous and redundant.


Puranjoy said...

Regarding punishing the parents, it will subtly shift the blame to the parents from the perpetrators. Doesn't really matter in an open and shut case like this, but this slight change in perception can lead to serious miscarriage of justice in others. You are right, their 'punishment' is their grief and nothing else-not even public scrutiny.

karmickids said...

Sue, you know, you hit the nail on the head. Exactly my thoughts. What was the mother thinking? She didnt deserve her daughter to die like this, no one does, but she cant be absolved of leaving her child unsupervised like this. This is like the Madeleine case. I really dont get it. How can these mothers leave their children to luck and fate and go away??? How dare they???

dipti said...

I think the most worrying thing here is the police/drug mafia nexus and the manner in which the cops tried to hush up the truth. Shifting the focus to parenting practices (questionable as they may be) may just cover up the rot in the system instead of fully exposing it and compelling the authorities to deal with it. Having said that, there's no denying the mother acted irresponsibly and paid a horrible price.

Amrita said...

Hi Sue,
I only found out about this case from reading your blog and after some googling learned the details and that it has been all over the news in India.
Needless to say I agree with you.

Mona said...

i agree with you wholeheartedly.

the mad momma said...