Monday, February 18, 2008

So we left bright and early on Saturday. I couldn't help keep contrasting this return to B'lore with my earlier visits in 2005. After the eventful one I did go back the very next week, and spent the day at Blossoms mainly with Vicky. That was a more, um, conventional trip, but nothing to beat going on an overnight trip with my parents, son and uncle-by-marriage. Ok, this uncle is Cousin J's dad and Giga's husband so he's a pretty close relative, but still.

The drive took twice as long as I'd hoped -- 7 hours, which surpassed even Srinivas's gloomy predictions, dammit -- and we reached B'lore in time for a late lunch. Our service apartment, Su Casa, at Indira Nagar was rather pleasant. Very expensive if you ask me, but the service was pretty good and the suite comfortable.

Shall I stop while you finish giggling over Sue at Su Casa?

Done? Good. I'll carry on then.

Spent some part of the afternoon trying to work out a visit to Poppin but since she wasn't keeping well it didn't work out. Soothed my sorrows at the Mothercare sale there. Ma had a gala time, from the look of things. Forgot to buy a sling for our circle's latest baby, silly of me. Oh and folks, this is rather late but allow me to announce the advent of The Plumber. Born to Anjita and Bodhi on Feb 3rd, apart from being generally far too cute for his own good, he is also sporting the neatest pair of ears I have seen in a while. Altogether adorable.

But I digress. Some clothes were bought for The Bhablet, and socks to replace the ones his grandfather had burnt trying to dry in the microwave. Nesting cups were bought, to my sorrow. They have lived up to my pessimism because I have spent a lot of time bending under furniture and searching for them. I think I shall suggest that they stay behind at Madras. Stuff was bought for other kids too, of family friends. (I believe my parents keep the Madras Mothercare in business, although they vehemently deny it.)

The Bhablet had a cookie while my father had a coffee and then they went around pulling CDs and atlases (respectively) down from shelves. Of course, my father didn't do it quite the same way, but it didn't look that different by the time they were done.

Dropped them all off back at Su Casa. Left mum feeding The Bhablet and walked down to a sale nearby. A Jealous store. It was expensive but I felt like a little splurge, what with going back to work next week and therefore imminent income. So I bought myself two shirts and a denim skirt. Very nice. Very corpo, those shirts and I loved the fit.

Dinner was roast mutton with mint sauce from Tangerine next door and then I read my Anne Perry (Ashworth Hall) till midnight. Woke up early, tried to work out a visit to Poppin and her mom but gave up. We managed to breakfast, bathe, pack and check out by 10 a.m. (or thereabouts) which was fairly impressive. Drove down to Cauvery where sandalwood sticks were bought and wooden rattles -- did you ever realise that wooden rattles banged lovingly all over your face hurt more than their plastic cousins at the same game? -- and stuff like that. Then finally went to Blossoms. The Bhablet didn't allow me to browse much (we were playing the face-banging game then) so we saved ourselves much money and luggage. I shall probably be grateful to him for that someday, no? Perhaps. He found himself a friend and proceeded to hug the life out of him. The poor little kid (about 2 and a half years old) looked pretty spooked and kept a safe distance from us thereafter.

We left for Madras after that, somehow managed to find our way out. Considering the driver of our hired Tavera knew very little English and had no knowledge of B'lore streets, this was an achievement we are proud of. This and finding our way to Su Casa in the first place.

Another very long drive back home. Lunch at some motel on the way. It was a pleasant place with a nice garden.

Saw Jab We Met this evening, on tv. I really like the movie. Funny how Shahid Kapoor looks hot. Never thought I'd find him attractive, far less hot.

I'm yawning my face off, so more later.


Anonymous said...

hmm quite a nice trip. Even I found shahid attractive in jab we met and never felt this in him previous flicks. Hugs to the bhablet.

dipali said...

Missing you already Sue(:

Rohini said...

What is this? You are going back to work? When? Where?

And Ayaan is trying to kill smaller kids with hugs too. One has to be really careful because he is quite big for his age and not the most gentle of chaps...

Mona said...

what rohini said.
when did this happen?
your holiday sounds much nicer than mine

~nm said...

Ooooo...someones been shopping!!! :D

Even I was behaving just was like you when I landed a new job and went on splurging thinking on the lines that I will have money to pay the credit card bill next month :D

Poppins said...

Must you write it out and make me feel rotten? I cribbed about it all day yesterday and still can't get it out of my system. That's two people I haven't met now in my own bloody hometown. I resign from blogging!

Itchingtowrite said...

funny, me too thot shahid looked v good in this movie. i almost startd liking him and feel sorry they split- chemistry was apparent inspite of th fact they had already split
well, some pankaj kapoor & the mom's genes have to come in right in talent department

Tithi said...

good thing abt the work! congrats!

DotMom said...

bhablet sat w.o a whimper for the 7hr trip??? you are one lucky mama. I am laughing mt bottom off at the grandad trying to dry socks in the microwave. WOW. I have put socks in the microwave before but haven;t burnt them. And whats the new job you talking about. congrats??!!

and you have a spam comment.

Sue said...

Brundha -- Oh yes. And my mum watched a teeny bit and said that he'd out-acted K entirely. Which I agree with.

What a surprise, all around!

Dipali -- :) It'll be great seeing you too. Was telling Suki, am thinking of a blogmeet around mid-March. Mixed group, open house. Who can you think of? I don't want a mommy circle only thing.

Rohini -- Him too? The Bhablet is affectionate but rought with it but I don't want to discourage this spontaneous hugging so I'm really racking my brains on how to make it easier on both hugger and hugged.

Mona -- I'll admit I'm having a great break, thanks.

NM -- LOL! Same logic except that I'm not a credit card person and prefer to have a small amount constant in my s/a. It becomes like my credit balance, in that I am now spending from there because I can replenish it!

Poppin's Mom -- Aw, come on. I have to thank you for a much-enjoyed trip to B'lore, you know.

Itchy! -- It was great meeting you. Really.

Tithi -- Thanks. :)

DotMom -- Hell no, there were plenty of whimpers. But he slept a lot and my father went over to the back of the SUV and kept him occupied for the last hour or so of each drive so it was bearable.

The socks were only slightly damp, perhaps that's why they burned.

D said...

Yeah, there's something about Shahid in that movie that makes Kareena look like a fool for breaking up with him !

Parul said...

Back to work and not a post about that...come on, Sue!!

Re: Shahid, it is the character that is hot...I mean, who wouldn't like a reclusive multi-gazillionaire with their coffee? What is surprising is how well he fit into the character...maybe the break-up was imminent.

See how I zero in on the most important part of the post?

Welcome back Suester :)

Sue said...

D -- A friend sagely told me the other day that it was the glasses. Maybe she's right. But how do you explain him looking hot even without them?

Parul -- I read Kareena saying that they're still good friends. Talk every three days. Seems to be the thing for our generation -- remaining best friends with our exes. Well, I guess I shouldn't talk! I'm still pretty pally with both of mine.