Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Object of My Affection

Incidentally, I really did like the movie.

This is another tag that I think Anamika started. Anyway, Tharini tagged me aeons ago.

The tag is to write about some material posession that means a lot to you, as far as I remember. That brings back memories.

I thought long and hard and couldn't come up with any one thing. And then I realised, the 'thing'
that has seen me through the most is a 'person' to me.

Srinivas Teddy was gifted to me for my fourteenth birthday. I've always loved soft toys but was not given any after infancy. So I really like Satyanarayana Aunty's gift. Her youngest son gave me grief over getting a soft toy (he was 17 and I was dumb enough to hero worship him at the time) so I named the teddy after him in revenge. You know, like Mr. Potts in the Six Cousins series.

The name stuck and has stayed that way. My family call him Chinrey Chapta (which means "squashed flat like flattened puffed rice"). Well, he is a little flat I'll admit. And his tail gets squished and disappears into his butt. His bow is no longer the gay rainbow it was. And The Bhablet has taken a couple of bites out of him. But I still love him.

My love for him is not the kind that needs to hug him now and then. I just like knowing he's around because as soon as he is in a place, he makes it home. He's shared a lot of my secrets these last twelve years (well, almost) and has been around during the happiest as well as saddest parts of my life so far.

V understands this, always has. When The Bhablet and I went to spend two months in Madras in 2006 I didn't pack Srinivas because our bags were filled to bursting. He sneaked him in in his own luggage and I was so glad! Funnily enough, Srinivas Teddy didn't quite aprove of V when I decided to marry him. I have a suspicion that the disapproval was rooted in jealousy but we'll never know because he likes him well enough now. And he really likes The Bhablet, even after all the biting.

He's been to a lot of places with me. He went to Singapore in 2005, for one. I like travelling with him. He doesn't take up a lot of space and is most companionable on a long journey. And I don't mind the amused grins of my fellow travellers.

Here he is, with the rest of the bears in our house. (We have others but those are toys.) The big blue one is BB and was gifted to The Bhablet by his godfather at the annaprashan. The little blue one is Chhoto Bhai and was chosen by The Bhablet from Mothercare last week. I find it adorable how he walks around with Chhoto Bhai given that he's never shown much interest in soft toys thus far. The bigger brown bear in Louis, gifted to me by Vicky (although I guess you could say we share him) on our 6 month anniversary. (I also got roses and a dinner. I guess V thinks he's got the romance angle over and done with and need not bother any more.)

And the smaller brown teddy is Srinivas.


upsilamba said...

Is Srinivas given regular baths?

Sue said...

Upsi -- Define 'regular'...

DotMom said...

awwww...very cute!!

Rimi said...

That picture merits a 20-second-long "Awwww!" all by itself. Shrek style. Who arranged them?

And Srini is in amazing shape, considering.

dipali said...

I love Srinivas Bear and his friends/family.
My younger son had a close relative of his, who was perhaps loved too much by the dog(:

Moppet's Mom said...

He is a Chaptoo, isn't he? But he's sweet.

First Rain said...

You'd do Mr. Bean proud! :D

GettingThereNow said...

Hi Srinivas!!!

Suki said...

I wuv him too :)

Just Like That said...

This is the cutest material tag ever. I loved the part where Vic sneak-stuffs Sreenivas into the luggage for you. Now that IS love indeed...:-)

Thinking Cramps said...
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the mad momma said...

a teddy bear Sue?? Really? You dont look like a teddy bear person. sorry.. i forgot. he is more than a teddy bear... i apologise.

Sue said...

DotMom -- Yep!

Rimi -- I did and what's that last bit supposed to mean, huh? He's been treated well enough, I'll have you know. The Bhablet only knocks him about a little.

Dipali -- Remind me to keep him around and about when you visit, then.

Moppet's Mom -- Between us, Louis LOOKS much more my idea of a teddy. But then, Srinivas has waaay more personality.

First Rain -- Humph!

Cee Kay -- He sends you his regards.

Suki -- He's not into baby talk, I'm afraid. He takes his position in the previous generation (to The Bhablet) very seriously.

JLT -- Yes, it was. And whatever else V used to do and has stopped doing, this is one thing he always does or asks if I want to do.

MM -- Oh pooh to you. And my house has lots of bears, lots more around, but yeah, these are the family members.