Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Alphabet According to Sue

Still doing tags... Kiran's the one who stuck this one on me. Achchha, why do all these recent tags have lists? Such long ones too.

A - Available?: Depends on what I'm wanted for. I'm rather pricey like that.

B-Best friend: E. And Beq. V knows me as well as E but he's my husband and therefore harder on me and therefore I refuse to call him a best friend.

C-Cake or Pie?: Oooh, both! With fresh whipped cream.

D-Drink of choice: Water. Not cold but cool.

E-Essential thing used everyday: Soap.

F-Favourite colour: Turquoise. (Stop grinning, Joe!)

G-Gummi bears or worms: Gummi bears.

H-Hometown: Good ol' Cal.

I-Indulgence: Books, clothes, food. In that order. And nice, long, aimless drives.

J-January or February: Feb. Easier to work out what day a certain date will be.

K-Kids and names: 1 male issue. The Bhablet.

L-Life: is challenging, but that's ok.

M-Marriage Anniversary : Jan 22nd, 2006. Damn, I actually had to think for that one.

N-Number of siblings: 1

O-Oranges or apples: Apples

P-Phobias: Lizards, rats, creepy-crawlies. My jewellery falling into toilets.

Q-Quote: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I usually use it from the other perspective and do unto others as I want, and then stay prepared for them to do unto me the same way. If you know what I mean.

R-Reason to smile: A bright, sunny day.

S-Season: Summer, despite the searing heat. Hey, I grew up in the south.

T-Tag three people: Nope. Everybody seems to have done this one already.

U-Unknown fact about me: I'm actually a syndicate. A syndicate which is very snooty about syntax, grammar and punctuation.

V-Vegetable you do not like: It's called potol in Bengali. Patalkai in Telugu. Yuck. And capsicum.

W-Worst habit: I nag.

X-X-rays you have had: Teeth, knees, arm, hand. Can't remember others, but there may well be more.

Y-Your favorite food: Chicken a la Kiev. And phuchka.

Z-Zodiac: Cancer

Only yours left now, Gauri. Unless there's somebody else I've forgotten? Speak now or for ever hold your peace. I mean it.


panu said...

i want phuchka too. sheeyut, its 12 in the afternoon!!

karmickids said...

Hail fellow Cancerian well met...and get some sleep. The blogs will wait. I tell you, the damn Blackberry is the worst, I keep getting up in the middle of the night just to check if any mails have come in...LOL.

Sue said...

Panu - I can ALWAYS want some phuchka.

Kiran -- I know what you mean! :)